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How to improve your aim in Overwatch 2

Improving your aim and mechanical skills in any game takes time and practice. In Overwatch 2, having good aim will help you get more eliminations for your team and make the game easier to play. It’s also an important skill that will allow you to quickly adapt to most heroes with minimal practice. To improve your aim in Overwatch 2, here are three tips to keep in mind:

overwatch 2 improve aim

Change your aim sensitivity

Players in Overwatch 2 have the option to change their sensitivity for each hero, or apply a broad sensitivity setting across the entire hero roster, although this is not advisable given how different each hero is.

To get the most out of different heroes in Overwatch 2, it’s important to adjust your sensitivity to match their preferred fighting style. For example, Widowmaker excels at long-range combat, while Tracer is better suited for quick, close-range bursts. To maximize their potential, it’s best to use a lower sensitivity for heroes that require higher precision (like Widowmaker) and a higher sensitivity for heroes that need fast movements (like Tracer). This will help you get the best results and improve your aim with each hero.

overwatch 2 improve aim

You can also improve your aim by shooting between rendered frames if you enable this option. While most modern PCs can handle it without reducing frame rates, it does suck up some CPU resources.

Reduce motion

Consider limiting menu movement, removing HUD shaking, and removing camera shake. These choices could make the game more chaotic and challenging to follow objectives. By reducing or eliminating them, you can improve your focus and aim.

Custom Game modes

Utilizing the “Custom Games” mode in Overwatch 2 is another technique to sharpen your shot. To hone your aim and become comfortable with various heroes, you can create unique lobbies in this mode with AI-controlled foes. These personalised lobby settings can also be used to experience various gaming environments and situations.

overwatch 2 improve aim

Here is a custom aim trainer to practice your aiming:


In Overwatch 2, you may build original games with challenging AI opponents and practise against tanks like Wrecking Ball and Winston to mimic real-world warfare. You can use these aim trainers to improve your skills and fine-tune your aim while seeing firsthand how many bullets are required to overcome these difficult opponents. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a new player, these aim trainers are a great tool for improving your Overwatch 2 performance.

Have any Overwatch 2 aiming tips? Sound off in the comments below!

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