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Modern Warfare 2: Best Expedite 12 Loadout

Find out the best loadout for the Expedite 12 shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Our expert players have tested and compiled a list of the top attachments and perks to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield. Get the drop on enemies and dominate close-quarters combat with this proven loadout.

Choose the best perks and attachments for your MW2 Expedite 12 shotgun to maximise its performance. With so many possibilities available from the gunsmith, picking a loadout that suits your playing style might be challenging. You may easily defeat your opponents and prevail in close-quarters fighting with the assistance of our seasoned players.

best expedite 12 loadout mw2

The Expedite 12 shotgun is a formidable weapon in Modern Warfare 2, particularly in close-quarters situations. Its high damage output can quickly take out enemies, but its range is limited, so it may not be as effective at longer distances. This pump-action shotgun bears some similarities to the Model 680 from the 2019 Modern Warfare game.

Here is the ideal attachments loadout for the Expedite 12.

MuzzleXTEN Modified Choke
UnderbarrelSchlager Tango
Barrel18.5″ Emperor Barrel
LaserSchlager ULO-66 Laser
BoltExpedite L-Bolt

One of the standout features of the Expedite 12 shotgun is its exceptional hipfire accuracy. While aiming down sights can certainly improve your aim, the weapon excels in close-quarters combat where quick reflexes are key. In Modern Warfare 2, many attachments have the side effect of slowing down aim down sight speed. As a result, our recommended loadout prioritizes attachments that maintain the weapon’s fast hipfire accuracy rather than those that hinder ADS speed.

The Expedite 12’s range is extended by the XTEN Modified Choke attachment, increasing the likelihood of a one-shot kill. In some circumstances, having this extra range can give you the upper hand over your adversaries.

best expedite 12 loadout mw2

The Expedite L-Bolt attachment enhances the fire rate of the Expedite 12 shotgun, giving you the ability to get more shots off during intense firefights. This increase in firing speed can be a crucial advantage in close-quarters combat, where every shot counts.

The Schlager Tango and 18.5′′ Emperor Barrel accessories help you walk quickly when using the Expedite 12 shotgun. This is essential for this particular weapon class because winning a firefight sometimes boils down to who can shoot first. The barrel attachment allows you to adjust the weapon’s range for greater damage, while the other attachments let you move rather swiftly without using much power.

Here are the ideal perks and tactical resources when equipping the Expedite 12.

Base Perk 1Bomb Squad
Base Perk 2Battle Hardened
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkQuick Fix
TacticalStun Grenade/Smoke Grenade

Have any additional tips or suggestions for this Expedite 12 loadout? Sound off in the comments below!

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