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Overwatch 2 Season 2 Meta Tier List

The second season of Overwatch 2 is well under way, and as players continue to compete in the different game modes, it’s critical to comprehend the current meta in order to assemble a potent squad. Players must adjust and plan strategies properly as the meta, or available strategies, can shift from season to season when new heroes and balancing changes are made. In this article, we’ll examine the Season 2 meta of Overwatch 2 in more detail and talk about which characters and tactics are currently winning.

Damage (DPS) Tier List


Sojourn, Reaper

Reaper is a strong choice for DPS in Season 2 because to his prowess in dealing consistent damage and eliminating enemies quickly. His close-range shotguns deliver a tonne of damage, and he possesses the self-healing passive ability “The Reaping,” which prolongs his fighting time. In team engagements, he is a strong choice due to his ultimate ability, “Death Blossom,” which enables him to despatch numerous enemies at once. Reaper is a powerful hero who, under the right circumstances, can combine self-sustain with his damaging abilities.

Sojourn finally received some balancing adjustments after a protracted period of waiting, but they weren’t sufficient to counteract the primary fire’s irrational power. The modifications were a step in the right direction, but they were insufficient to deal with this ability’s disproportionate dominance.


Ashe, Echo, Tracer

Due to their adaptability and mobility, Tracer makes a good DPS choice in Season 2. They can move about the battlefield with ease and speed, putting themselves in advantageous positions to fire at the opposing side. They are a good option for eliminating adversary players far away because they can efficiently deal damage at a distance. Additionally, Tracer has the capacity to move swiftly, which enables them to easily evade danger and avoid being eliminated by the other side. In general, their mix of mobility, adaptability, and damage output makes them a solid option for any team aiming to defeat its opponents.

Ashe is a strong choice for DPS in Season 2 because she is a versatile hero who performs well in a variety of circumstances. She is an invaluable asset to any squad due to her strong damage output and capacity for battlefield control. She can also fit into a range of team setups and adapt to various strategies because to her adaptability. Ashe is a favoured choice for DPS players this season because to her high performance overall and versatility.

Echo is a good DPS choice due to their potent kit, which enables them to deliver damage to enemies continuously. Due to their adaptability in playstyles and squad makeup, they are a difficult opponent in any circumstance. Overall, Echo is an excellent option for any side looking to pressure the opposition and seize the initiative.


Cassidy, Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Pharah, Sombra, Junkrat, Mei, Solider: 76

Because Cassidy has a well-rounded collection of skills that let them to succeed in a variety of circumstances without standing out as especially great in any one, they are an average DPS choice in Season 2. They have some useful movement abilities and can do damage to both single targets and groups, but when compared to other DPS heroes, they fall short in terms of burst damage and sustained damage output. However, they might not be the first choice for jobs that need specialised skills. Overall, they are a dependable option that can fit into various team compositions.

Genji is a logical selection for a damage-dealing hero in Season 2. He possesses a wide range of skills that enable him to be successful in a number of different circumstances, such as using his swift strike to close the gap quickly and his shurikens for long-range damage. He can defend himself and his teammates from opponent attacks thanks to his ability to deflect blows, and his ultimate ability gives him the potential to deliver a lot of damage swiftly. Genji is a fantastic choice for a DPS hero in Overwatch 2 Season 2 because to his adaptability and all-around effectiveness.

Even though Hanzo has a number of powerful abilities, other DPS heroes like Reaper or Tracer deal more damage and move more quickly than him. His reliance on position and aim in certain circumstances could make it challenging to play him effectively. Even if he might not always be the greatest choice, Hanzo is frequently a smart selection for a squad.

Although Widowmaker is a good option for damage, she does not necessarily stand out in comparison to the other game characters. She excels at long-range, accurate shooting but may falter in close quarters or when up against heroes with mobility advantages. Widowmaker is a dependable damage provider overall, but she may not always be the best option depending on the team she is on or the opponent she faces.

Due to her tremendous damage output and ability to quickly eliminate adversaries from a distance, Pharah is a good choice for damage per second (DPS) in Overwatch 2 Season 2. She is, however, susceptible to close-range strikes and is easily knocked out without partner defence. Pharah is a good choice for DPS overall, but she might fall short in some circumstances compared to other heroes with greater versatility.

Sombra is an average DPS pick because she does not excel in any specific role or have particularly strong abilities compared to other heroes in her class. While she can deal decent damage and has some utility with her hacking ability, she is not as consistently effective as other DPS heroes like Tracer or Reaper.

Junkrat is a well-rounded hero who excels at delivering damage from a distance, but is not necessarily the best at any particular job, making him an average DPS selection in Season 2. Although he is not as bursty as some other DPS heroes, he still has the capacity to constantly inflict damage and disorient enemy teams because to his skills. He may not be as effective in some situations if heroes with high sustained damage or excellent mobility are present. In general, Junkrat is a good option for teams wishing to add some explosives to their arsenal, however he might not always be the best choice.

Mei is a solid option due to her balance as a hero with good damage output who is neither glaringly overpowering nor weak in comparison to other DPS characters. She has a variety of skills that she can apply in a range of circumstances, but none of them stand out as particularly strong. She is frequently selected as a trustworthy and adaptable pick as a result, despite the fact that she may not always be the ideal option depending on the make-up of the squad and the game’s objective.

Due to his versatility as a hero who can deliver decent damage while also offering his team some utility and support, Soldier 76 is a solid choice. Players of all skill levels should choose him because he is simple to learn and play. Despite the fact that he may not be exceptional in any one area, he is a reliable all-around hero that can fit into most team setups.


Symmetra, Bastion

Symmetra is neither as mobile or as effective at dealing damage as other heroes in the position. Her equipment is designed for support and defence, which limits her ability to attack and push goals. Furthermore, Symmetra’s skills are less effective in team fights than those of other DPS heroes who can quickly eliminate adversaries and provide lasting damage. Overall, Symmetra is more effective in a support role where she can help her team out and keep them safe rather than concentrating on doing damage.

Bastion can be easily defeated by other heroes and have difficulty taking down enemy players. They also have low movement speed and can easily be targeted by the opposing team. There are many other DPS heroes who are more effective and reliable in most situations.

Tank Tier List



On the battlefield, Roadhog is a formidable opponent. He has a large amount of damage-absorbing capacity as well as punishment-dealing capacity. He is difficult to kill due to his wide hitbox and powerful self-sustain skills, and he can efficiently disperse opponent teams using his chain hook and scrap rifle. Overall, Roadhog is a good option for any squad trying to take command and advance.


Doomfist, Sigma, Zarya, D.Va, Orisa, Winston

Doomfist’s strong defensive skills and capacity to sabotage other teams make him a wise tank choice. He can withstand a lot of punishment and shield his teammates, but he can also disrupt opponent posture and eliminate important targets with his devastating punches and ultimate ability. Overall, Doomfist is a well-rounded hero who can effectively fill the role of a tank in any team composition.

Because of his tremendous health, Sigma is challenging to eliminate. He is a crucial component of any squad because of his capacities for absorbing harm and shielding his group. It can change the course of a battle when he uses his ultimate power to become invulnerable. Overall, Sigma is a valuable member of any squad due to his capacity to deflect blows and safeguard his group.

Zarya can successfully absorb and deflect hostile blows, defending her squad and freeing them to advance and engage in combat. She can also support her teammates by healing them and increasing their damage output thanks to her skills. Zarya is an excellent asset to any team because she is a versatile tank with a wide range of skills.

With an excellent combination of offensive and defence, DVa can play on a variety of teams and in a variety of situations. She may enter or leave conflicts as needed because of her tremendous mobility and self-sustainability. She is a valuable tool in team fights because of the additional crowd control and defence her ultimate ability offers for her squad. Overall, DVa is a solid and efficient tank option thanks to her well-rounded equipment and playstyle.

With her ability to create a barrier and her considerable health, Orisa can shield her squad. Additionally, she has the capacity to hold herself in place, making it challenging for adversaries to move her from her position. Orisa is a versatile choice for any team composition because she can damage opponents while stun-casting them. Overall, Orisa is a solid option for tanking damage and holding the line for her team because to her excellent defences and abilities.

Winston is extremely resilient and can take a lot of punishment for his team. With his strong jumps and shield skills, he can also disperse enemy teams. In general, Winston is a formidable force on the battlefield who can successfully defend his allies while also upending the opposition team’s plan of attack.


Junker Queen, Ramattra

Junker Queen is skilled in seizing control of a situation and upsetting the opposing team’s plans. They are dependable and flexible enough to work in a variety of team settings. When compared to other tanks, they might not always be the greatest option or deal the most damage. In conclusion, Junker Queen is a passable Season 2 tank option.

Ramattra is an smart choice for teams in need of a balanced tank. They are neither particularly bad in any one area nor do they have any glaring flaws. Because of the different ways in which they could help a squad, they are a smart choice for Overwatch 2 Season 2.


Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt

Wrecking Ball lacks the equipment needed to adequately defend their squad or hinder the opposition. They are susceptible to being picked off or overpowered by opponent attacks because they lack effective crowd control or dependable defensive skills. Additionally, they lack the sustained damage output or team utility of other tank options, making them less useful in team compositions.

Compared to other tanks like D.Va and Zarya, Reinhardt is less mobile and produces less damage. He struggles with opposing teams that have powerful long-range heroes like Widowmaker, who can quickly eliminate him from a distance. Additionally, heroes like Tracer or Genji can readily nullify his shield ability, leaving him open to sustained damage. In general, there are simply superior tank alternatives out there that can help your team succeed.

Support Tier List


Lucio, Kiriko

Lucio is a crucial hero because of his flexibility and wide variety of abilities. When necessary, he can inflict harm; additionally, he can heal and speed up his crew. His versatility on the pitch makes him a great choice for athletes who want to back their team and make a big difference in the game.

Kiriko is a superhero that possesses a superb balance between offence and defence. They are capable of dealing a great deal of damage to enemy teams and are strong enough to hold their own in a fight. Due to their versatility, Kiriko are a valuable asset for any team and can play in a variety of situations and styles. Kiriko is a great choice for any team hoping to win Season 2 because they also have a potent support component to their toolkit that enables them to assist their teammates in a variety of ways.


Ana, Baptise, Mercy

Because of her adaptability and support skills, Ana is a good choice for Overwatch 2 Season 2. She is a strong player who succeeds on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field. She can support her allies thanks to her special skills, which makes her essential to the team’s victory over the challenging season.

Baptiste is a versatile hero who can work with a range of playstyles and team setups. He is a flexible support hero because he has the capacity to both heal and inflict damage. Baptiste is a useful asset to any team because to his arsenal of skills, which also includes the capacity to thwart adversarial teams and defend his own teammates. His ultimate ability can also change the course of a teamfight and significantly benefit his team. Overall, Baptiste is a wise choice because of his adaptability and capacity to have a range of effects on the game.

Mercy is a versatile support character who has the ability to heal and increase her teammates’ damage. She is frequently a crucial component of any team setup, and having her on board can significantly increase winning chances. Mercy is a great asset in action-packed encounters because she is also incredibly mobile and can reach her teammates quickly to offer help.


Zenyatta, Moira

Zenyatta is a solid choice for players who want to focus on supporting their team and providing utility, but they may not be the best choice for players who want to deal a lot of damage.

Moira is a multifaceted hero that can work in a variety of roles and team setups. She can adapt to various battlefield circumstances thanks to a combination of her offensive and healing powers. She might not be particularly good at any one thing, but she is dependable and has a lot to offer the team. Overall, Moira is a good option for those looking for a versatile hero who can adjust to many circumstances.



Compared to other game heroes, Brigitte has lower mobility and a lower total damage output. She also has minimal utility in some team configurations and is readily neutralised by some hero combinations. Players can generally choose from better hero options in the majority of circumstances.

Complete Overwatch 2 Season 2 Tier List

TierOverwatch 2 Season 2 Meta
SSojourn, Reaper, Orisa, Roadhog, Kiriko, Lucio
AAshe, Echo, Tracer, Doomfist, Sigma, Zarya, D.Va, Orisa, Winston, Ana, Baptiste, Mercy
BCassidy, Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Pharah, Sombra, Junkrat, Mei, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn, Junker Queen, Ramattra, Zenyatta, Moira
CSymmetra, Bastion, Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, Brigitte
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