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Overwatch 2: How to get the Stalwart Hero title

In Overwatch 2, players can earn special titles that are displayed under their username on the scoreboard and in the game’s highlight intro. One of these titles is the Stalwart Hero title, which is typically granted to players who have demonstrated a high level of skill and dedication to the game.

How to unlock the Stalwart Hero title

To earn the Stalwart Hero title in Overwatch 2, players must win at least 250 matches in any game mode, including Unranked, Ranked, or Arcade. It should be noted that stats from the original Overwatch game do not count towards this title, so players will need to start fresh in Overwatch 2 to earn it. While winning 250 matches may take some time and effort, it is a worthy goal for dedicated players who want to show off their skills and achievements in the game.

overwatch 2 stalwart title

In Overwatch 2, players can track their progress towards earning the Stalwart Hero title by visiting the Challenges page and selecting the Lifetime tab. This tab will display your current progress towards earning the Stalwart Hero title, as well as other challenges that reward players for their long-term wins in the game.

For example, players who have won 750 matches can earn the Tenacious Hero title, while those who have won 1,750 matches can earn the Unrelenting Hero title. These challenges provide players with a way to show off their dedication to the game and the amount of time they have put into playing.

overwatch 2 stalwart title

In addition to these general challenges, there are also titles tied to winning games in specific roles. Once a player has earned a title, they can equip it by visiting their Career Profile and selecting the Customization tab. Titles can also be earned through participation in Competitive play and by completing Battle Pass challenges.

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