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NBA 2K23 Zion Williamson Build

Zion Williamson has been off the NBA court for more than a year now, but he’s still a commanding force in the league, and he looks set to once again dominate when he returns for the New Orleans Pelicans this season. If you’re looking for a powerful interior finishing build, this NBA 2K23 Zion Williamson Build is just for you.

First up, let’s take a look at his body settings and physical traits.

nba 2k23 zion williamson build
  • Height: 6’8″
  • Weight: 262 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6″

This body shape is going to give us solid point distribution in key attribute areas for this build: thinking of Zion as a strong interior finisher, we want strength, and finishing attributes being the focus in the build.

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Next up we breakdown his attribute points distribution.

nba 2k23 zion williamson build

You’re going to need to work through some trial-and-error to get this exact distribution of attribution points, and my recommendation is to start with the Physicals section and work from there, moving from Physicals, to Finishing, then Defense/Rebounding, and finishing in Shooting and Playmaking.

nba 2k23 zion williamson build

This Zion build has the most potential in the “Finishing” area, with solid contributions across Shooting, and Defense/Rebounding. It’s not the most well-rounded build in the game, and they’re a bit on the slow side, but if you’re after a powerful inside finisher then this is definitely the build for you.

For finishing moves, I went with “Finishing Moves” and “Power Backdowns”. Overall, this build is established and constructed around power: don’t attempt this if you’re after a build with blistering speed, although Zion is surprisingly faster than your average insight forward.

Have a better NBA 2K23 Zion Williamson Build you want to share? Sound off in the comments below!

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