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Twitch streaming is coming back to the Xbox dashboard

Your dreams of becoming an Xbox streamer could yet still be realised — or at least made easier — with reports Twitch is set to make a comeback to the Xbox dashboard.

The ability to stream Twitch directly from the Xbox dashboard was removed some time back for reasons unknown, but it’s now set to be rolled out to select Xbox Insiders as detailed by Eden Marie from Xbox.

xbox twitch

“Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead insiders, starting at 2pm PT we’re rolling out a new, integrated Twitch live streaming feature,” Marie said on Twitter.

“If you used a certain service in the past this should look very familiar to you, and you won’t need to have any apps installed to use it.”

xbox twitch

If you’re an Xbox Insider and you’re one fo the lucky few to have Twitch reinstated on your Xbox, head over to “Capture and Share” on your console and then select “Live Streaming”. Link up your Twitch account, hit the “Go Live” button, and you’re now streaming to the world.

It seems as though the feature is still very much in its early days, but we should probably expect it to hit public access in the coming months.

xbox twitch return

Twitch came to Xbox One half-way through last generation, and was seemingly integrated as part of the console’s “Snap” feature. Once that was discontinued, so, too, was Twitch on the Xbox, and so any Xbox console streaming had to be done on the Twitch end, rather than natively within Xbox.

Its return was always a given at this point and it should make life easier for smaller streamers looking to get started out on the platform.

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