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Ghost Recon Frontline backlash sends trailer into downvoted oblivion

Ubisoft has its eyes set on a big end to 2021. The release of Far Cry 6 is certainly starting things off their, with continued support and interest in Rainbow Six: Siege and the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise still a hot topic in the industry. However, the recent announcement of Ghost Recon Frontline hasn’t quite been met with applause, and fans appear to be increasingly frustrated with the publisher.

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Ghost Recon Frontline was revealed yesterday alongside a trailer that has been downvoted to oblivion on YouTube. A quick scan of the comments reveals a pretty standard theme: fans of the publisher and Ghost Recon series just don’t like the direction either are headed in.

ghost recon frontline backlash

“How many times can Ubisoft hit a foul ball in one year? It’s laughable,” said one fan.

“Imagine being this out of touch with your audience,” said another.

Much of the frustration appears to come from Frontline‘s apparent focus on a Battle Royale style offering. It comes after rumours surfaced that Far Cry 6 could be introducing a similar mode, something this author noticed when playing the game as part of our Far Cry 6 review.

ghost recon frontline backlash

One fan quipped, “Ubisoft, is there a Microtransaction I can pay for that will make you guys finally release an authentic, single player, Military-espionage Tom Clancy game?” This perhaps best sums up the general sentiment.

Objectively, the game looks fine, but it doesn’t look like a Ghost Recon game. Ubisoft has slowly but surely ventured down the online path, ditching the focus on strong single-player games and instead introducing — or forcing — cooperative and competitive offerings on player.s

Rainbow Six: Siege has been a huge success in this regard, mostly because that game embodies Rainbow Six fundamentals so well. Few other Ubisoft games have been as successful in the transition, however.

ghost recon frontline backlash

Ghost Recon: Wildlands for example, was fun, sure, but it never truly captured the audience and wider gaming community. It still has some of a community returning to it, but it’s mostly forgotten.

Based on the commentary on this video, it appears Frontline could well head down the same path.

What are your thoughts on Ghost Recon Frontline? Sound off in the comments below!

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