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Far Cry 6 – How To Get Resolver Weapons

Far Cry 6‘s Resolver Weapons are highly powerful, Uranium-powered weapons that can have a significant impact on your efficiency across the battlefield. You need one of these weapons on your loadout at all times: they each have different importance, value and affect on enemies, so ignore them at your owner peril. Here’s how to get the best guns in Far Cry 6.

Where to find Resolver Weapons

There are two ways to get your hands on Resolver Weapons, but before you even bother trying to purchase one you want to make sure you have plenty of Depleted Uranium, which effectively acts as the game’s secondary currency for these weapons (ie. you won’t need Pesos or any other parts to access these weapons).

far cry 6 resolver weapons

Once you have another Depleted Uranium, you can find Resolver Weapons at:

  1. Juan’s Office in Libertad Island
  2. Talking with Juan’s Arms Dealers, which spawn in captured FND bases

To avoid having to go back and forth between the main game world and Libertad Island, you can take out FND Bases to set up a friendly base and thus, Arms Dealers available for you to buy weapons from.

How to unlock Resolver Weapons

The good news when it comes to Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6 is set that the requirements to unlock them aren’t all that difficult: they generally become available with just nature progression through the game. Here’s what’s needed to unlock each Resolver Weapon.

  1. Tostador – You’ll have this weapon available from the start
  2. El Muro – Can be bought from the start
  3. La Clavadora – Can be bought from the start
  4. El Besito – Unlocked at Rank 3
  5. Pyrotechno – Rank 4
  6. El Susurro – Rank 5
  7. Discos Locos – Rank 6
  8. Zeusito – Rank 7
  9. El Pequeno – Rank 8
  10. La Sorpresa – Rank 9
  11. La Varita – Complete the Yaran Story “Triada Blessings“.
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