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Far Cry 6 – How To Unlock Amigos And Where To Find Them

Hola, Amigos! Far Cry 6 is now finally upon us, and with comes a host of unique new weapons, systems, features, and even sidekicks. Amigos will play a fairly important role in your Far Cry 6 journey, filling the role of your animal sidekick and helping improve tactical strategy before going in guns blazing to any enemy hotzone.

What to know where to find each Amigo in Far Cry 6, and what they bring to the experience? Read on!


far cry 6 guapo

How To Unlock: Complete the Mission “Juan of a kind”


  • Body Regulation – Regenerate health during combat. Unlocked after Guapo heals himself 5 times.
  • Cornered Beast – More resistant to damage when below 50% health. Unlocked after regeneration 3,000 health.
  • Reptile Metabolism – Self-revive now restores 90% of his health. Unlocked after Guapo kills 50 targets.

When To Use: If you’re looking to go in guns blazing and want to get through an area quickly, Guapo is super effective. However, as he automatically attacks nearby enemies, he isn’t useful for a stealth approach.


far cry 6 chorizo

How To Unlock: Complete the “Meet the Monteros” story Mission. You can then find Chorizo at his kennel near the Construction Office. There will be two side missions you’ll need to complete first before being able to call him your friend.


  • Bloodhound – Tags nearby crafting Resources. Unlocked after Chorizo distracts 10 enemies.
  • Yes, You Can – Regain some health after patting Chorizo. Unlocked after tagging 36 loot containers.
  • Keen Senses – Occasionally dig Resources out of the ground.

When To Use: Chorizo is great for stealth missions. He can also be used to distract enemies with his sheer cuteness.


far cry 6 chicarron

How To Unlock: Complete the “Meet the Legends” Mission in El Este. Then complete the three Side Quests where to help Chicharron against the FDA along Vacia Coast.


  • Roid Rage – Chicharron attacks faster and deals double damage when health is below 70%. Unlocked after killing 12 enemies.
  • Angrier Bird – Charge move now knocks enemies down to the ground.
  • Chicken Feet – Chicharron is more likely to dodge enemy attacks when health is below 70%

When To Use: Great for run-and-gun and explosive battles, as Chicharron can really feed off the energy and explosiveness of a battle.

Boom Boom

far cry 6 boom boom

How To Unlock: Complete the “Meet Maximas Matanzas” Operation in Valle de Oro. Once done, a note left in the local Guerilla Base will give you a hint as to the side mission that you need to complete to unlock Boom Boom.


  • Pointer – Marks the locations of enemy troops and animals. Unlocked after collecting Resources from 10 dead bodies.
  • Expert Tracker – Tags enemies and animals from further away. Unlocked after tagging 24 enemies.
  • Thick Coat – Takes more damage. Unlocked after tagging 50 enemies.

When To Use: Boom Boom can act as a fantastic scout, and is useful for stealth missions and scoping of areas prior to moving in.


far cry 6 oluso

How To Unlock: Complete the Triada Blessings Side Quest line to unlock her.


  • Mimo Abosi’s Luck – More likely to succeed in stealth takedowns during heated firefights. Unlocked after killing 12 enemies in Restricted Areas.
  • Rage of Ida – Takedowns will scare nearby enemies and cause them to flee the battlefield. Unlocked after 24 lethal takedowns.
  • Mist of Oku – Oluso is obscured in smoke, regenerates health faster, and is immune to all damage when health is below 50%. Unlocked after Oluso scares 50 enemies with lethal takedowns.

When To Use: Quite possibly the best Stealth Amigo in the game. Use Oluso to take down key targets in enemy strongholds.


far cry 6 k9000

How To Unlock: Included as part of Blood Dragon Pack with the Season Pass for Far Cry 6


  • Enhance: Tag turrets, security cameras, alarms, and tripwires. Unlocked once K-9000 has taken 100 damage from enemies
  • Enhance!!!: Deals more damage to tagged enemies. Unlocked once he has tagged 24 security systems
  • Termination Protocol: Equipped with a self-destruct that will go off when he takes fatal damage. Unlocked once K-9000 has destroyed 50 tagged enemies)

When To Use: The K-9000 can fit a stealth and action role. He’s great for scoping areas and also moving in and out silently without bringing on too much attention and heat.


far cry 6 champagne

How To Unlock: Available as part of the VICE Pack DLC for Far Cry 6


  • Greed Is Good: Takedowns will succeed more often when you are carrying more money.
  • Predatory Instinct: Loot enemies after killing them with a silent takedown. Unlocked once Champagne has killed 24 enemies with a takedown
  • Sonic Snarl: Unleash a roar knocking enemies down when she takes damage. Unlocked once Champagne has looted 1,000 Yaran Pesos from dead enemies

When To Use: Champagne is somewhat of a “finisher”. She’ll come in and clean things up for you if things don’t quite go your way. She can also step into battle and help turn things back in your favour.

far cry 6 weapons
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