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Xbox Series X Restock likely this week at Best Buy, Walmart

More than a year since the Xbox Series X pre-orders first opened to the world, gamers are still battling rare hardware restocks and spontaneous sales. With a chip shortage making matters worse, and hardware shortages expected to last well into 2022, every Xbox Series X restock comes with a sudden rush for the console.

Earlier this month, a rush for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Edition led to stock selling out almost as quickly as it was made available, and we haven’t seen word of new stock for more than a week since. Thankfully, hardware drops are expected this week at a number of big retailers.

xbox series x restock

Best Buy is expected to restock Xbox Series X on September 23, according to reports (via Gaming Intel). There’s currently an active Best Buy restock spreadsheet being updated by Lord Restock, which lists the store, amount of stock available, and how many people are lining up in store.

There are reports of some Best Buy stores having Xbox Series X restock levels in the 100s, which is huge news and would be a great opportunity for gamers to finally get their hands on a console.

xbox series x restock

“Apparently they will be doing online and in store in order to combat the bots. Should be interesting to say the least. Haven’t dropped in over a month,” Lord Restock said.

Walmart is reportedly taking orders for new Xbox Series X stock, without actually having the consoles available. This could indicate an imminent drop of the console, and an expected sudden rush for stock. It’s likely at this point that if you do intent on purchasing without the promise of a console, you could be entered into a queue to receive one once stock does become available.

xbox series x restock

“What Walmart likes to do is, have people place orders before Walmart even receives their shipment,” Lord Restock said. “So like if they are expected to get X amount of stock from Sony. They sell a week or two before they actually have the shipment. And then if that number ends up being less, people get screwed.”

There are no updates for Target, Amazon, GameStop or the official Microsoft store, so for this week your best bet is to keep tabs on the aforementioned spreadsheet, and then jump on whenever stock becomes available.

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