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NBA 2K22 Patch Notes: ‘No gameplay changes’, says 2K

A small and therefore unsurprisingly limited update has now landed for NBA 2K22, and while it looks to add “continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues”, 2K Sports insists that it will not bring any gameplay changes.

NBA 2K22 has quickly established a level of fondness within the gaming community not seen for quite some time. Launches over multiple years were plagued by connectivity and service issues, gameplay complaints — including last year’s infamous Shot Meter Gate — and a host of other issues.

nba 2k22 patch notes

This year’s offering has received a more positive reaction from the NBA 2K community, which is great news for a committed fanbase keen to see the franchise move into the new generation on Xbox Series X.

Unfortunately, with this improved overall experience appears to have come a drop in detailed patch notes and updates. The latest update, which clocks in at under 600MB on Xbox Series X and Series S, doesn’t appear to do all that much to the wider experience, with 2K Sports barely touching on the specifics of the update.

“Our latest patch is live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S bringing continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues,” the patch notes read. Yep, that’s it. “Continued stability”.

nba 2k22 patch notes

We should probably be grateful that the game doesn’t really need all that much immediate work, although there are a few glitches and bugs that will hopefully be addressed in this update.

One such bug has a player’s teammate score locking during gameplay, and the notification ticker, which details the +/- gains for a play, freezing next to the screen scoreboard. The only way to fix this is to save and exit, and then reboot the match. Hardly game-breaking, and it does appear as though your teammate score and VC continues ticking over even if it doesn’t change on the screen, but it does impact the immersion a bit. So fingers across it’s address in the latest update.

Another such bug has my My Player’s name changing whenever I start a new build: I’ve started multiple builds using different names, but for some reason whenever I return to my actual saved My Career, my created player’s name has now changed.

Aside from that, I’m having a blast with NBA 2K22. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!

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