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NBA 2K22 Badges Guide: Attribute Unlock List

The NBA 2K series has long been defined by the MyPlayer Builder and MyCareer, and NBA 2K22 is certainly no exception. The rags-to-riches drama of it all motivates a fuels a drive to NBA stardom, and underpinning that is a complex Badges system that helps improve your MyPlayer.

Badges are kind of like bragging rights: perform well in specific areas of a game, and earn more badges. Shoot well, unlock shooting badges. Pass well, unlock Playmaking badges … I’m sure you get the idea. Badges do however have thresholds for unlocking and being activated, and so in this guide we’ll go through all four types of Badge categories, and what you need as minimum to unlock them.

nba 2k22 badges guide

The below tables look at a few key variables:

  1. Impacting Attribute is the attribute that require prioritising to boost the badge stock
  2. Height requirement is the maximum or minimum height you player needs to be to have access to the badge

Finally, some badges have different costs associated to them depending on the attribute level. For example, the Defense/Rebounding badge “Take Down Artist” will cost you either 5 Badge Points or 4 Badge Points for a Gold badge depending on whether you have 78 Block or 80 Block, respectively. So you can either wait to build up an attribute more so you spend less on the Badge tier, or spend more on the Badge tier to get it sooner.

Take a look at the full list below.

Finishing Badges | Shooting Badges | Playmaking Badges | Defense/Rebounding Badges

Finishing Badges unlock guide

BadgeImpacting AttributeHeight RequirementBronze (1 Badge Point)Silver (3)Silver (2)Gold (5)Gold (4)Gold (3)HoF (7)HoF (6)HoF (5)
Fast TwitchClose Shot5466758492
Giant SlayerClose Shot6'5 max70788694
Grace Under PressureClose Shot637484879396
Hook SpecialistClose Shot718090919396
Mouse In The HouseClose Shot6'4 min5067808492
Pro TouchClose Shot5365738188
Putback BossClose Shot52647280
Limitless TakeoffDriving Dunk607483869296
Lob City FinisherDriving Dunk55708595
PosterizerDriving Dunk70809099
Putback BossDriving Dunk47586573
Slithery FinisherDriving Dunk6'10 max61738291
UnstrippableDriving Dunk4055718590
AcrobatDriving Layup6'10 max657787899597
Fearless FinisherDriving Layup718089919799
Giant SlayerDriving Layup6'5 max70788694
Mouse In The HouseDriving Layup6'4 min66768897
Pro TouchDriving Layup5365738188
Slithery FinisherDriving Layup6'10 max61748493
Tear DropperDriving Layup516270737884
UnstrippableDriving Layup40557090
Backdown PunisherPost Control6'4 min566876788588
Dream ShakePost Control475866717480
DropstepperPost Control6'0 min536573768185
Post Spin TechnicianPost Control556775778488
Fast TwitchStanding Dunk5466758492
Lob City FinisherStanding Dunk5570859596
PosterizerStanding Dunk70809099
Putback BossStanding Dunk46576573
Rise UpStanding Dunk6'4 min657584879597
UnstrippableStanding Dunk40557090
nba 2k22 badges

Shooting Badges unlock guide

BadgeImpacting AttributeHeight RequirementBronze (1 Badge Point)Silver (3)Silver Cost (2)Gold Cost (5)Gold Cost (4)Gold Cost (3)HoF Cost (7)HoF Cost (6)HoF (5)
BlindersMid-Range Shot67788899
Clutch ShooterMid-Range Shot4959677489
Difficult ShotsMid-Range Shot667584869597
Fade AceMid-Range Shot475866737286
Green MachineMid-Range Shot5873869798
Hotzone HunterMid-Range Shot57718396
Lucky #7Mid-Range Shot5669778693
Mismatch ExpertMid-Range Shot6'4 max71798794
Rhythm ShooterMid-Range Shot6'9 max6074829399
Set ShooterMid-Range Shot6372818998
Slippery Off-BallMid-Range Shot404550556077
SniperMid-Range Shot5364728087
Volume ShooterMid-Range Shot5566748289
BlindersThree-Point Shot6778889399
Catch and ShootThree-Point Shot667784869296
ChefThree-Point Shot6'6 max647485879698
Circus ThreesThree-Point Shot6'7 max617484869195
Clutch ShooterThree-Point Shot495967747988
Corner SpecialistThree-Point Shot556878818792
DeadeyeThree-Point Shot687687899798
Green MachineThree-Point Shot58738697
Hotzone HunterThree-Point Shot5771838896
Limitless Spot-UpThree-Point Shot627282849396
Lucky #7Three-Point Shot566977828696
Mismatch ExpertThree-Point Shot6'4 max7179879294
Rhythm ShooterThree-Point Shot6'9 max597382879399
Set ShooterThree-Point Shot637081868997
Slippery Off-BallThree-Point Shot404550556077
SniperThree-Point Shot526371778093
Stop and PopThree-Point Shot6'11 max657585879597
Volume ShooterThree-Point Shot546574798294
nba 2k22 badges

Playmaking Badges unlock guide

BadgeImpacting AttributeHeight RequirementBronze (1 Badge Point)Silver (3)Silver (2)Gold (5)Gold (4)Gold (3)HoF (7)HoF (6)HoF (5)
Ankle BreakerBall Handle6'8 max707886889497
Glue HandsBall Handle795967687487
Handles For DaysBall Handle7'0 max607383859195
HyperdriveBall Handle6'8 max627584869395
Quick ChainBall Handle6'6 max556882849296
Space CreatorBall Handle7'0 max597281849094
Stop and GoBall Handle6'7 max526778818993
Tight HandlesBall Handle7'0 max587180828893
Triple Threat JukeBall Handle5769778793
UnpluckableBall Handle5065878999
Bail OutPass Accuracy6'10 max657586889597
Break StarterPass Accuracy486171748088
Bullet PasserPass Accuracy5170788597
DimerPass Accuracy7080909297
Floor GeneralPass Accuracy687888909798
Needle ThreaderPass Accuracy557687899697
Post PlaymakerPass Accuracy506580829295
Special DeliveryPass Accuracy607283859395
DownhillSpeed With Ball7'0 max435564737486
Quick First StepSpeed With Ball506580829295
Triple Threat JukeSpeed With Ball566876828595
nba 2k22 badges

Defense/Rebounding Badges unlock guide

BadgeImpacting AttributeHeight RequirementBronze (1 Badge Point)Silver (3)Silver (2)Gold (5)Gold (4)Gold (3)HoF (7)HoF (6)HoF (5)
Chase Down ArtistBlock577078808894
Pogo StickBlock52637179
Rim ProtectorBlock6'5 min5575889798
BoxDefensive Rebounding5365738195
Pogo StickDefensive Rebounding5769788794
Rebound ChaserDefensive Rebounding71819199
WormDefensive Rebounding69798998
Brick WallInterior Defense6'5 min567688909597
Defensive LeaderInterior Defense65758590
Post LockdownInterior Defense6'4 min708089919798
Tireless DefenderInterior Defense5771808997
BoxOffensive Rebounding536573768191
Pogo StickOffensive Rebounding5769788789
Rebound ChaserOffensive Rebounding7181919599
WormOffensive Rebounding6979899398
Ankle BracesPerimeter Defense6'11 min607382849195
ClampsPerimeter Defense6'9 min637685879497
Defensive LeaderPerimeter Defense65758490
HustlerPerimeter Defense304050606180
MenacePerimeter Defense6'10 min647786889597
Off-Ball PestPerimeter Defense6'10 min455665667385
Pick DodgerPerimeter Defense577079818894
Tireless DefenderPerimeter Defense5871808997
Ball StripperSteal526584869798
Pick PocketSteal567286889698
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