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NBA 2K22 MyPlayer story details revealed

Ahead of its September 10 release, 2K Sports has revealed a stack of new NBA 2K22 details, with today’s courtside report detailing the updated City, MyCareer integration, and details related to the NBA 2K22 MyPlayer story.

Just as is the case with every new NBA 2K entry, NBA 2K22 will see our created MyPLAYER work their way up from high school to the NBA. The story will start off with our budding superstar embarrassing players in some street ball on the playground.

nba 2k22 myplayer story

Having just moved to The City with his best friend and business manager, Ricky Bennett, you’ll never guess what their ultimate ambition is: that’s right, to play through the ranks towards ultimate NBA stardom.

Excitingly, while making it to the NBA remains the core object of your MyPlayer’s story in MyCareer, there’s also now added focus on your Personal Brand, which you’ll be able to increase and evolve the further into the story you dive.

Fascinatingly, and perhaps the biggest change to the story mode in NBA 2K22, is that the mode is ditching the traditional linear pathway, instead allowing players to progress at their own pace by completing Quests, and building up their draft stocks via pickup games, college, G League, training sessions, interviews,a nd more.

nba 2k22 myplayer story

You’ll need to make sure you carefully craft your Personal Brand, with 2K Sports claiming to have introduced a system that “mirrors real-world dynamics” of brand building. Personal Brand points, as they’re called, are assigned to a number of different traits and characteristics across Free Spirit, Flashy, Corporate, Fundamental, and more.

Tying into all of the aforementioned is an added focus on music and fashion. Both have been included as storylines in NBA 2K22, and we’ll be free to pursue either if they match our interests. It doesn’t appear as though either music nor fashion are compulsory pathways for the story, but they seem like intriguing additions that could be a lot of fun.

There’s a lot more to take in from a MyCAREER, MyPlayer and The City perspective, so be sure to check out the full Courtside Report for a breakdown of everything new in NBA 2K22.

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