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Nacon reveals new Android mobile controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming

The latest Xbox Android controller from Nacon is now available for pre-order, with a launch currently touter for September 30.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming a must-use feature for Xbox owners, and a growing list of Android-compatible game controllers is helping simplify the experience for gamers.

xbox android controller

The Razer Kishi led the way, but a host of new controllers are entering the market, just as Xbox Cloud Gaming grows in reach and compatibility.

The latest Android-based controller, the MG-X Controller from Nacon, clips into your Android mobile, just as the Kishi does, and is designed specifically for Xbox gaming.

Interestingly, unlike the Kishi, which is powered by the device itself, the MG-X relies on its own battery, with a proposed 20-hour batter life and wireless connection to your Android via Bluetooth. This means that, unlike the Kishi, which connects to your phone via the USB-C port, you’re merely clipping the MG-X to your phone and then connecting it wirelessly.

From a compatibility perspective, your Android device will need to be Android 6 or later, and be up to 6.7 inches in length.

xbox android controller

The lack of direct connection to the phone like the Kishi raises questions about the device’s latency and responsiveness, so I’ll be keen to see how well it performs with games that rely on quick response times, and what, if any impact there is to game performance and input relay.

The MG-X launches on September 20, and if you pre-order you’ll receive a Thomson 10,000mAh external battery to go with your order. Pre-orders are currently only open to European residents. You can pre-order the MG-X here.

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