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State of Decay 2 Homecoming lands on Xbox Game Pass, check out the launch trailer

Despite being out on the market for three years, and with a sequel on the horizon, State of Decay 2 is still getting plenty of support from its developer, Undead Labs.

Case in point: the release of its latest expansion by way of Homecoming, which is out now on Xbox Game Pass.

State of Decay 2 Homecoming added a fifth map for all players of the game, introduce gamers to Trumbull Valley, which fans will remember from the first State of Decay.

state of decay 2 homecoming

Also included in Homecoming is the Trifecta Pack, which is State of Decay 2‘s twelfth bounty pack. It adds three collectable sets from the Bounty Broker. There’s also two brand new achievements, with one granting players 500 Microsoft Reward points.

state of decay 2 homecoming

Here’s a full list of what to expect in Homecoming:

New Core Map! Trumbull Valley joins the roster of towns that welcome your new or ongoing community.

New Missions! This map includes several new missions ONLY available in Trumbull Valley. Some continue the stories of familiar faces such as Ray Santos and Mickey Wilkerson, while others introduce new storylines to the valley.

New Stuff! By exploring Trumbull Valley you can discover ten new weapons, a dozen new hats and outfits, and an exciting new thrown explosive … all of them unique to this map.

New Bases! From the tiny Checkpoint Delta starter base to the massive Farmland Compound, Trumbull Valley offers six new bases for you to claim and make your own.

New Bounties! The Trifecta Pack offers 12 new bounties to complete, themed as three collect-them-all sets of matching weapons and backpacks.

Game Improvements! You might think that a new map and a new bounty pack is enough for an update, but we’ve been busy with additional targeted improvements as well.

state of decay 2 homecoming

Not much more has been detailed regarding State of Decay 3, but given this latest State of Decay 2 expansion is free, we could probably forgive the lack of new information.

State of Decay 2: Homecoming is out now on Xbox Game Pass.

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