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Battlefield 1 DLC In the Name of the Tsar free on Xbox this week

Ahead of the release of Battlefield 2042 on October 22, EA has been rewarding long-time fans of the series with a number of free DLC packs for past Battlefield games.

This week’s free release is that of In The Name Of The Tsar, the second expansion pack for 2016’s fantastic Battlefield 1.

battlefield 1 free dlc

The expansion offers some of the most modern weapons and vehicles of the Great War, alongside six new multiplayer maps, two new Operations, and a stack of unlockable weapons.

“Enter the biggest front of WW1 with the Russian Empire. Ride in Galicia with the legendary Hussars, partake in skirmishes in a freezing archipelago and fight in snow-covered ravines. Make your mark in the revolution as the White Army and the Red Army battle for the control of the city of Tsaritsyn in the civil war.”

battlefield 1 free dlc

You can claim the free DLC this week by downloading it from the Microsoft Store, and yes, it’s yours forever. The game is also free to play for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, so be sure to snap this up before the end of the week.

Upon its release back in late 2016, Battlefield 1 was one of the best games of the year.

Its campaign is a well-rounded and suitably crafted anthology of Great War tales. It will raise some questions about how it deals with war and conflict, but I’m confident that Battlefield 1 will stand the test of time as a respectful contributor to the discussion. It works so well on so many levels, presenting a multiplayer experience that, while at odds with the campaign’s messages on the horrors or war, will satisfy Battlefield purists and novices alike. Importantly, unlike Battlefield games before it, Battlefield 1 is worth owning for its campaign alone, with its added multiplayer depth there as an extra if you dare take the risk.

If you’ve not yet played it, now’s the perfect time to jump in.

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