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Splitgate primed for Xbox Series X upgrade

Splitgate developer, 1047 Games, is planning to release an Xbox Series X upgrade of the popular shooter, targeting improved performance and optimisation on the console.

Xbox Series X owners have been starved of exclusive new releases, although that’s hardly uncommon at the start of a new generation.

splitgate xbox series x upgrade

Thankfully, a number of developers are working on upgrading and optimising their games for release on the console, effectively releasing “remastered” versions of popular games mere weeks or months after their initial release.

Splitgate, a game that has taken the gaming world by storm over the past few months, is one such game that is being primed for an upgrade on Xbox Series X.

splitgate xbox series x upgrade

The news of Splitgate‘s Xbox Series X upgrade came by way of a Q&A with the developer and fans of the game. While 1047 Games didn’t explicitly detail a release date or much more detail about the upgrade, they did detail plans to improve the game’s frame rate on the console. This would come alongside a planned boost to the game’s maximum achievable resolution.

Rather ironically, the upgrade was supposed to have already been released on Xbox Series X, but due to the unpredictable influx of players and growing community interest, much of the focus shifted to simply keeping the game functioning.

splitgate xbox series x upgrade

The free-to-play multiplayer shooter, which shares similarities with Halo and Portal, has been on the scene for a few years dating back to 2019, but has since seen a huge surge in popularity.

Studio CEO, Ian Proulx, says “there are some obvious things that pretty much every game is doing that we will explore doing,” in reference to what gamers can expect from the Splitgate Xbox Series X upgrade (via Gaming Intel).

splitgate xbox series x upgrade

Here’s hoping for a confirmed release date and launch prior to the crazy period ahead of the Holidays. Splitgate has proven to be an amazing take on a genre saturated with clones, and while it appears to be heavily influenced by a number of popular franchises, it’s managed to firmly establish its own identity with some truly frantic gameplay mechanics.

The free open beta is now available on PC and Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with a full release planned later this month.

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