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Is Halo Infinite’s release date locked for November?

Halo Infinite is undoubtedly the Xbox Series X‘s most anticipated game of the year, and certainly of the generation so far. But one question still remains after many years of development: what is Halo Infinite‘s release date? We may now know, or at least know its release window.

Yesterday we reported that Halo Infinite had already been classified in Australia. The Australian Classification Board has submitted their finalised classification of Halo Infinite, which indicates a near-finalised version of the game has been submitted by Xbox Australia for assessment and classification by the board.

halo infinite release date

Halo Infinite‘s classification is M15+ for “violence, online interactivity and in-game purchases”. Not that it comes as much of a surprise, but we should definitely expect some microtransactions given the classification details.

Given the game’s recent classification in Australia, it does suggest that the game is in a near-finished state to allow the classification recommendation to be submitted and approved by Xbox Australia. We can also use the classification window to predict when the game will be released, given the release date and classification tend to align fairly often for other games and media.

Forza Horizon 5 also received a classification this month from the same Australian body, having received its rating on August 3. Halo Infinite came a week later on August 9.

halo infinite release date

There’s been strong indication from Xbox including Phil Spencer that Halo Infinite would be launching in 2021. Given the classification has now occurred in Australia, it’s clear that the game has achieved some pretty important development benchmarks to be in a state that could allow it to be reasonably assessed for classification.

Forza Horizon 5 is currently locked in for a November 9 launch date. Given the two have been classified fairly closely together, it’s clear that both are primed for a release within the same window, but you have to question whether Xbox would actually want to saturate the market and cannibalise its own first-party games by releasing them so close together.

However, having two AAA first-party exclusives out in the same month could be a huge win for the Xbox Series X in its battle with the PS5, especially heading into a pivotal Holiday period.

halo infinite release date

If we want to go based on the classification window, the fact rumours have long suggested a November release, and that Spencer himself indicated a 2021 release was all but assured, then it’s reasonable to assume that a late November, early December release for Halo Infinite is on the cards.

No Halo game has launched later than November over the years. Halo 3 landed in September, Halo 4 in November, and Halo 5 in October.

halo infinite release date

My prediction? I’m putting my money on either November 23 or November 30.

What are your thoughts? When do you think Halo Infinite will be released? Sound off in the comments below!

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