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Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X is an absolute dream on mobile

Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X shouldn’t be as good as it is. And it definitely shouldn’t be as good as it is when playing the game via console streaming on my mobile.

I’ve spoken at great lengths about how awesome mobile gaming is for Xbox Series X|S owners. Certain genres, namely racing games and platformers, excel when utilising a plug-and-play controller like the Razer Kishi. A top-down shooter like The Ascent thrives when played that way.

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Overwatch and Call of Duty are better using a traditional controller, and the sheer speed and responsiveness needed in those games doesn’t quite suit the mobile gaming experience. Weirdly, Destiny 2 plays superbly on my Galaxy S21+ and Razer Kishi.

flight simulator xbox series x

But no game is as perfect for the mobile-Kishi combination as Flight Simulator. It is an absolute dream to play on my phone. Last night while my wife binge-watched a weird French real estate reality TV show, I flew across the Pacific without a care in the world. I could be present, engage my wife, hear the TV show (but not listen), and play a game without the same stress-induced panic I might get from playing the aforementioned games.

flight simulator xbox series x

There’s no question that Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X is a spectacular accomplishment. The technical capabilities and overall performance of the game on console is rather astounding, and the game’s influential transition from PC to controller has to be applauded.

From the moment Flight Simulator was released on console, I knew I had to try it on mobile. I’ve talked about the Kishi rather extensively, and I know there may be better similarly-designed mobile controllers out there, but the simplicity of the design and functionality makes it a match made in heaven.

microsoft flight simulator xbox series x

I can’t stress enough how important it is that Xbox Series X|S owners invest in some sort of mobile functionality, be it via a controller clip or something like the Kishi. The performance and availability on Android adds a whole new dynamic of value and replayability for the console, and is part of the reason why I strongly believe the Series X|S range is the best value-for-money console on the market right now.

That statement is understandably up for debate, but the fact that I can play arguably the generation’s most technically impressive console game on my phone without so much as a glitch or crash, and have it play extremely well, I feel highlights the true value of what the Xbox Series X|S can offer.

microsoft flight simulator xbox series x

My strong recommendation if you’re an Xbox Series X|S owner is to invest in Xbox Game Pass, get yourself some sort of controller clip for your Android device, and dive into Flight Simulator. While of course the game excels when played on your television, the portability of it transitions almost perfectly. This isn’t some half-baked portable port ala. Gran Turismo PSP: it’s the full game on your phone. And it’s amazing.

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