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Stardew Valley is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass

Stardew Valley creator has unveiled plans to bring the indie gem to Xbox Game Pass across both PC and console.

One of the best indie games of the past decade is bound for Xbox Game Pass.

Stardew Valley creator, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, spoke during last night’s ID@Xbox showcase, unveiling the plan to bring the indie gem to Xbox Game Pass across both PC and console.

stardew valley xbox game pass

Unfortuantely, an exact release date is not yet been set. However, Barone indicated that gamers could expect Stardew Valley to hit Xbox Game Pass “probably sometime in the fall”.

Stardew Valley has been a massive hit since it first landed on PC, having since launched on pretty much every single gaming platform imaginable. It’s playable on Xbox, but is often overlooked given the sheer variety of indie games and similar sim games available on Xbox Game Pass.

stardew valley xbox game pass

Once Stardew Valley does join the initiative, it could well be among the most popular and critically acclaimed titles to come to the program.

“The most recent update has been – I’d call it the biggest update to Stardew Valley ever,” Barone said on the Xbox stream of Stardew Valley‘s recent 1.6 update. “Which it is, objectively. It seems like people really loved it, and the game kind of had a new resurgence in popularity after the update came out. I’ve been really happy with the response to that. The update adds a huge amount of stuff to the game, especially the end-game.”

stardew valley xbox game pass

“I’m of the mindset that I could probably continue working on Stardew Valley forever with the amount of ideas I have.

“I love the world. I love making it better. I feel like it’s a never-ending thing I could do to make it better. So I just put those ideas in these updates and keep the game going, and it’s been fun.”

stardew valley xbox game pass

This is fantastic news for a game that is quite simply an absolute must-play. If you haven’t yet played it, once it hits Xbox Game Pass I strongly recommend you jump in immediately.

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