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Overwatch Summer Games 2021 kicks off with new Symmetra, Winston skins

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics (finally) set to kick off in three days time, the annual Overwatch Summer Games event comes at the perfect time, bringing with it a host of new skins for the likes of Symmetra, Ashe, Mei and Winston.

Blizzard has confirmed the launch of the Overwatch Summer Games Event 2021 in July 20, alongside a much-talked about new Mermaid Symmetra skin. Ashe, Mei, Winston and Sigma are also all confirmed to be getting new skins as part of the event, which is expected to last two weeks and will see the return of the much-loved Lucioball game mode.

overwatch summer games 2021 winston skin

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 skins will be available via a variety of methods, none of which are new to seasonal events. Loot boxes, which are earned through general play, will have seasonable-specific offerings, and you can also purchase new cosmetics and loot boxes using the game’s in-game credits.

Legendary skins from the event will set you back 3,000 Credits, while Epic skins will cost 750 Credits. This is fairly standard across all other past events, so there’s no surprises here.

overwatch summer games 2021 ashe skin

The Summer Games event is usually reserved for August, but given the Tokyo games are about to kick off, Blizzard may be looking to optimise interest in the event by hosting its own seasonable games extraveganza. It will run for 20 days from July 20.

overwatch summer games 2021 ashe skin
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