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Cyberpunk 2077 infinite money, Legendary components and mods guide: How to earn unlimited cash and resources at drop boxes

Cyberpunk 2077 has been out in the wild for almost a month now, and there’s no shortage of guides, tips and, erm, exploits out there to help you thrive in Night City. This is a city very much built on money, and in this Cyberpunk 2077 guide I’m going to show you how you can quickly build your Eddies money balance up, essentially earning infinite money in the process.

This unlimited money trick isn’t available right from the get-go: you’re going to need to complete a certain mission before being able to unlock the key piece of the unlimited money puzzle. This means that you’re looking at roughly 4-5 hours of play time before reaching this point, which really isn’t all that long in the grander scheme of things.

Cyberpunk 2077 Infinite Money Guide

Step 1 – Complete the “Space Odyssey” side mission

The Space Odyssey side mission is available in Act 2, but only once you complete the “Playing for Time” main mission (Act 2, Quest 2). Just keep an eye on your Journal log for either mission, and you’ll know that once you complete “Playing for Time” that “Space Odyssey” will become available.

There’s no specific pathway for you to follow in order to unlock the infinite money exploit here: just complete the mission, and you’ll receive a painting called Untitled 18 – Brancesi, 2021.

This “Epic” painting should not under any circumstances ever be removed from your inventory unless you’re utilising this exploit. If you lose it, you’ll never get it back and will need to load a past save, which can be a huge inconvenience. You can find it in your inventory under the “All Items” tab.

cyberpunk 2077 infinite money exploit

Ignore the fact that I have 306 paintings there: that’s something I’ll get to later on. The above image is just to show where you’ll find the painting in your inventory. If you sort by Price, you’ll find it at the top given it has a sale price of $4000.

Step 2 – Visit a Drop Point

In your game map, navigate to a Drop Point. Once here, there’s a few methods you can utilise to boost your bank balance.

The first one is to simply sell the painting for $4000, navigate out of the Drop Point, go back in, and buy it back for $5. You can rinse and repeat this until the Drop Point’s $20,000 balance is dry, at which point you can skip time by 24 hours (no less) and you’ll be able to repeat the process.

The problem with this method is that it takes a long time, and at 4000 per sale, isn’t especially efficient nor lucrative. Thankfully, there is a way to boost the total incoming profit at $20,000 per sale.

Step 3 – Visit a Drop Point

This guide is specifically for Xbox Series X, but the equivalent is the same on both PC and PS5/PS4/Xbox One.

Now what we want to do is utilise a Drop Point exploit, which allows us to buy back an item in infinite amount. The below video should give you some clarity on how it works, but I’ll try my best to explain it as well.

Firstly, you want to sell one painting for $4000. Then back out of the Drop Point. At this point, instead of simply open the Drop Point out again, you want to press two specific buttons at the exact same time: one button is the “Y” button to bring up the Drop Point store front, and the second button is whichever button it is on your platform that brings up the game menu (that’s the Quick Save/Settings menu). If you press both at the same time, this is going to bring up the Drop Point store front with a transparent background, per the below. The video above starts on the Settings menu: whatever button you press to get to that menu is what you’re press along with the Y/Triangle button to access the Drop Point.

The first image below shows the non-transparent background, the second shows the desired transparent background of the Drop Point.

cyberpunk 2077 infinite money

If you can’t see the Drop Point in the background, you haven’t done it correctly: for Xbox, it needs to be the “Y” + View buttons at the same time.

Once you do this successfully, you’ll notice the painting sitting there in the Drop Point’s inventory. From here, you can buy this painting back in bulk, as many times as you want, for $5 a pop. So you can literally buy 10,000 paintings if you like, which would have a total resale value of $40,000,000.

Once you have your desired amount of paintings, back out of the Drop Point, and load it up again using the same above method (game menu + drop point buttons). Once you’re back in, you can then sell the paintings in bulk, up to $20,000 (or whatever amount of money the Drop Point has).

Once the Drop Point runs out of money, skip time by 24 hours so it can replenish its balance, and do it until you’ve reached your desired bank balance.

Cyberpunk 2077 Infinite Legendary Items

The process above can also be applied to Legendary mods, components, weapons and items. The downside is that it will take a hit to your bank balance, so you ultimately want to have a large surplus of paintings available so that you can quickly get back any money that you’ve lost.

The below video should summarise it best. What you want to do is:

  1. Sell some of whatever it is that you need more of
  2. Bring up the transparent Drop Point menu
  3. Buy back the item in bulk however many times you want (or however much you can afford)
  4. Get the money you spent back by selling paintings from your painting surplus back to the Drop Point

As you can see in the above video, I’m selling the Legendary components in bulk at 20. You can do however many you want but I do it in slow quantities as a “just in case” method so that nothing breaks. Note that I always bring up the transparent Drop Point menu.

I then go back into the Drop Point inventory, and buy back those 20 Legendary components in bulk as many times as I want, accumulating hundreds of components, albeit at a higher price than I sold them for.

As I start this exploit, I have:

  • 986 Legendary components
  • $436,051

I sell 20 Legendary components for $700, or $35 each. This leaves me with:

  • 966 Legendary components
  • $436, 751

I go back into the Drop Point and purchase 14 lots of 20x Legendary Components for $20,000 per lot, or $1000 each. Unlike the painting, which I’m selling for $4000 but buying back for $5, Legendary components sell for less than the cost to buy them back. But that’s okay, because for whatever reason, you aren’t always charged the full cost of what you’re buying back, and even if you are, you can always just use the paintings to get the money back.

So in this instance, I should have been charged 280,000. But when I go back into the Drop Point, my balance is $403,751, meaning I’ve only been charged $32,300, or for 32.3 of the 280 Legendary components I’ve purchased back. Sometimes you are charged the full amount of what you’re buying back, other times the game glitches out and doesn’t charge you in full.

Not to worry either way, because as you can see in the video, I just go to my surplus of paintings, and sell to the Drop Point what I just spent on Legendary components. So now, not only do I have what is essentially an unlimited supply of cash, I can use this method to sell and purchase components and mods, and then get my money back straight away.

Just be sure to refill your painting surplus every now and then so you never run out.

Have any questions on any of the above? Sound off in the comments below!

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