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Black Ops Cold War MP5 Loadout: Best Attachments To Build A SMG Beast

The MP5 has for many years been part and parcel of the Call of Duty experience. This year’s Black Ops Cold War is certainly no exception. For all its misgivings, frustrations, and community angst, the MP5 is arguably one of the best (or at least the most played) weapons in the game.

So how can you get the most out of Black Ops Cold War‘s MP5? Let’s break down the best loadout and attachments.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

Is the MP5 right for you?

The MP5 is perhaps the most accessible weapon in Black Ops Cold War. It has superb handling, allows for insane mobility and agility, and is just a bunch of fun to play with.

Unlike most other SMG’s, the MP5 fires with incredible range and accuracy for its class. That puts it firmly between the best of the AR range, and arguably up there with the AK74u in terms of sheer brute power on the battlefield.

Interestingly — and perhaps rather frustratingly for the Call of Duty community — the MP5 has better range than many assault rifles in the game, which suggests it may see a nerf in the near future, at least to reduce its long-range ability. Most of its sight attachments are somewhat restrictive in your line of sight given how small the weapon is, but it’s still a spectacularly powerful weapon for its stature.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

If you’re struggling for accuracy, speed, and agility, and find yourself often losing in 1v1 scenarios, the MP5 is a very good choice for you, at least to start once you familiarise yourself with the maps and get a bit more used to the game’s pace and time to kill (TTK).

Best MP5 Loadout

Best MP5 Attachments

  • Optic: Kobra Red Dot
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 9
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Handle: Field Tape
  • Stock: Tactical Stock

Now of course, you can mix and match with the attachments to your desired design and play style, but ultimately but I’m targeting here is an optimised SMG with minimal recoil and high mobility.

The Kobra Red Dot is in my experience the lesser obnoxious of the Optics available for the MP5, although you’re compromising some range. I like my Optics simple with my assault rifles and SMG’s, and reserve my longer-range zoom optics for tactical and sniper rifles. You could easily go for a higher-tiered optic, but I feel that compromises the weapon’s mobility.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

With the Muzzle Brake 9, this improves weapon recoil, adding a +4% boost to vertical recoil control. This may make up some of the loss in range with your red dot sight.

I stick with the standard Foregrip, because it offers +15& boost in horizontal recoil control, and so when combined with the muzzle effectively eliminates recoil at all.

Now with the Handle you can really go multiple ways here. I prefer the Field Tape because it provides +90% Flinch Resistance when hit, and so in 1v1 scenarios you get the slight up hand where every shot you land is putting the enemy slightly off with flinch movement.

Alternatively, you could go with the Speed Tape: this provides a +10% boost to Aim Down Sight Time, with no identified cons. That could help similarly well in 1v1 scenarios. However, given I have the Tactical Stock attachment, I probably don’t need the Speed Tape. This is because this stock provides a +10% Aim Walking Movement Speed, meaning you can pretty much maintain normal walking speed while aiming down the sights.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

Dating back to Modern Warfare 2, I’ve always played with increase moving aiming speed, especially with SMG’s and burst rifles. It makes you pretty much invincible if you play maps and corners well enough (ie. keep your sights centred on the primary entry point of enemies).

MP5 Loadout Secondary Weapon

I go with the Cigma 2, because I’m one of those players that shoots down AI and player-controller scorestreaks (sorry, not sorry).

To me, allowing an enemy UAV to stay active for its full life is just inexplicable, and so I always pull out my launcher to take them down. This is of course personal preference, but you net +100 score with every scorestreak brought down, so it’s definitely worth having equipped.

Lethal, Tactical, and Field Upgrades

I run with pretty much the same loadout across all weapon, but again this is personal choice and I feel it’s also helpful in building up scores across rounds.

The Stun Grenade is a given: stunning an enemy is +15 points, and a kill while they’re stunned also nets you the +50, so you’d be crazy not to have this active.

I prefer the Semtex because it sticks to surfaces, whereas the field grenade can roll away from your desired landing point. There’s also nothing more satisfying than sticking a Semtex onto an enemy.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

I’m a Domination and Hardpoint player, so the Proximity Mine is my go-to: I also place it on point nearest common entry points.

MP5 Loadout Perks

My first selection here is Engineer. If I’m playing against like-minded players, I want to know where their Field Upgrades are at all times. This makes it easy to spot their Proximity Mines and the like without walking straight into them. It also helps in locating airborne scorestreaks, useful when using the launcher to take them down.

Secondly is Scavenger. Given the MP5’s firerate it’s important to be constantly replenished so I feel this is an important perk.

cold war black ops mp5 loadout

Finally, Cold Blooded is great to move around the map fast without being seen. AI-controlled Scorestreaks won’t see you, meaning you can sit and aim down an Attack Helicopter without being shot at. Additionally, you won’t shot up on UAV, making you a truly cold-blooded MP5 soldier.

For my Wildcard, I alternate between Gunfughter and Danger Close. The latter grants you additional lethal and tactical thrown equipment, as well as additional ammo, which is great for the launcher. The Gunfighter Wildcare unlocks three (!) additonal attachment slots for the MP5, which I like to use to experiment and trial-and-error with new attachments.

What’s your preferred MP5 loadout in Black Ops Cold War? Sound off in the comments below!

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