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Missed out on an Xbox Series X pre-order? Xbox exec says to ‘be ready for launch day’

If you were one of the lucky few to snag an Xbox Series X pre-order back on September 22, this probably doesn’t concern you. However, for many people out there — including myself — November 10 is a day clouded in mystery, because we simply have no idea whether or not we’re going to get a console.

Pre-ordered from Amazon? Sorry, your console might not even arrive on launch day. In Australia, major retailers simply couldn’t handle the rush, and even the Microsoft Store can’t tell me when I can expect my console.

xbox series x hands on

Chatter amongst colleagues within the industry is the same, regardless of who you speak to: no one knows when they’re getting their console, even with a pre-order locked in. The one constant, however, is that people appear confident that more stock will be available on launch day.

That approach appears likely now given recent comments by Xbox marketing GM, Aaron Greenberg, on a recent episode of the Dealer Gamer podcast.

xbox series x pre order

There was always hope that pre-order stock was one allocation, but that stock would still be available for walk-ups on the day. Greenberg has essentially confirmed this will be the case, although that will of course vary from region to region.

“Our retail partners have day one launch inventory,” Greenberg explained. “It’s up to them how much they want to pre-sell or they want to wait and hold it for day one.”

xbox series x hands on

Greenberg said that it was his “expectation” that retailers will largely hold most of their inventory for day one, but that it’s “really the retailer’s decision to make”.

“What I can say is launch day inventory is not sold out, there will be more units on launch day,” he continued. “We feel for fans that are trying to secure a unit, but I would say, be ready for launch day.”

So if you missed out or are uncertain of your pre-order status, be ready for launch day on November 10!

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