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Doom Eternal seems destined for Xbox Game Pass

It’s been a huge week for Team Xbox, with Xbox Series X|S pre-orders breaking records, and Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media expanding the company’s growing first-party portfolio.

On the back of that announcement, there was much chatter about the future of Bethesda, id Software, and Arkane Studios games, particularly when it comes to cross-platform availability and exclusivity.

microsoft xbox bethesda purchase

Microsoft and Xbox plan to keep already-established PS5 exclusives from the company on that platform (for now), but all other future games will be determined on a “case by case” basis as to whether or not they’ll be available outside the Xbox-PC ecosystem.

Regardless of the intent, the acquisition of ZeniMax has added additional value to Xbox Game Pass, the Netflix-like subscription available across Xbox One, Windows, and, soon, Xbox Series X|S. 

doom eternal game pass

It’s likely that at some point all games from studios under ZeniMax, including the likes of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, will be available on the service, whilst all future releases will be made available first to those with a Game Pass subscription.

So what of currently available games? Will they be coming to Game Pass soon? All signs point to “yes”.

doom eternal game pass

A recent Tweet by the Xbox Game Pass team — always cryptic and teasing with their messaging — suggests the critically acclaimed Doom Eternal could soon be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

“Melissa said not to drop hints so we’re not dropping hints. there are absolutely no hints in this screenshot. don’t bother looking for them. there are none,” the Tweet says.

doom eternal xbox game pass

Naturally, this has prompted people to look for hints … and hints they found!

Whilst the “renacted” section of the screenshot was the initial focus, it was some wording below the sign-off that got tongues wagging.

doom eternal game pass

“The Slayer is coming,” it says, as has been revealed by the Xbox faithful.

Could this mean Doom Eternal is dropping onto Xbox Game Pass in the near future? Fingers crossed!

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