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NBA 2K21 LeBron James build guide

NBA 2K22 LeBron James Build Guide now available

You’ve spent a bit of time experimenting and building some beasts with tie NBA 2K21 My Player Builder, but now you want to build a real superstar, right? Don’t worry, I got you: here’s the build guide for LeBron James.

That said it’s easy to fall into the trap of just maximising each attribute in those fields, but prioritising the right ones is ultimately going to land you a LeBron James build.

I’ll break down the build and decisions below that led me to creating LeBron James (apologies in advance for the creepy screenshots, for whatever reason my player wouldn’t appear).

nba 2k21 lebron james build

I tried a few different variations here and also leaned towards a higher priority on shooting in the pie chart, but ultimately found the Playmaking and Def/Reb pie chart to be the best choice. This I feel will get us closer to a Michael Jordan build as well but that’s for later.

This chart offers great ceilings and Badges across Playmaking and Def/Rebounding, with his Shooting capabilities already quite high alongside a fairly high peak for Finishing as well.

nba 2k21 lebron james build

Interestingly even though LeBron is clearly quite strong, we want to focus on Agility here.

His Speed and Acceleration is going to provide more flexibility in the defensive and Playmaking traits, which are areas we’re focusing on.

His Vertical also gets some love here because, well, it’s LeBron James and he needs that.

nba 2k21 lebron james build

The attributes are as above, and we want to net 7 Finishing badges, 3 Shooting badges, 25 Playmaking badges, and 12 Def/Reb badges.

Close Shot can sit on 77 so we don’t need to max that out, we can use those points elsewhere. Max out all other Finishing attributes with the exception of Post Hook.

Moving onto Shooting, we want to max out the Mid-range Shot, Three-point Shot, and Post Fade. Free Throw can remain as it (sorry, LeBron).

On the Playmaking front we’re going to net most of our badges: max out all three Attributes. Moving onto Defense/Rebounding, max out everything except Steal, Block and Offensive Rebound.

  • Height: 6:8″
  • Weight: 225
  • Wingspan: 85
  • Takeover: Slasher

Follow as the above and you’ll net a Slashing Playmaker LeBron James build.

nba 2k21 lebron james build
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