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NBA 2K21 MyCareer: PG max height increased so you can now create oversized court generals

NBA 2K21 is fast approaching, set to hit Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in the coming weeks on September 4. All signs point to an August 24 release for the demo as well, so we’re set for a fun end to the month ahead of the game’s full release.

As we close in on the NBA 2K21 release, many tidbits, rumours and previews are starting to surface. A few weeks back, news about the game’s planned next-gen release had the community in a flurry, with gamers forced into buying the Mamba Forever Edition for a few more quid if they wanted both generation versions of the game, and didn’t want to purchase the same game twice at full RRP.

NBA 2K21 demo release: When does it hit Xbox One and PS4?

That’s a discussion for another day because now we have a steady flow of gameplay updates coming in, and, well, turns out they’re equally as controversial.

Scattered across Reddit, Twitter, and a number of NBA 2K21 blogs and forums is a developer blog that was posted by gameplay director for the NBA 2K series, Mike Wang, and has been shared on Reddit.

NBA 2K21 demo release

Perhaps one of the more fascinating insights came by way of Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard, whose recommendations as to PG creation has created somewhat of a stir amongst the NBA 2K community.

 “[Lillard] is a huge 2K gamer and had a ton of great feedback and ideas for 2K21,” Wang explained. “But his biggest request? Being able to make an oversized PG in MyCAREER.”

NBA 2K21 demo release

Oversized PGs are somewhat of a thing of the past given so many big men these days can handle the ball and shoot the 3 anyway. But dating back to the mid-90s when any guard let alone a point guard being above 6″6 was a rarity, they still stand to be rather dominant in an NBA 2K setting.

Scottie Pippen, at 6″8, played a solid floor general role in his final years in Portland, guiding them to Playoffs and the Western Conference Finals. Few pure point guards since have cracked that sort of height.

NBA 2K21 demo release

That is, of course, until now.

“So, for all you Penny Hardaway wannabes,” Wang continued, “you have Dame to thank for that as we have upped the max height for PG to 6’8″.”


NBA 2K21 demo release

As one might expect, the reaction to this has been mixed, with some fierce commentary thrown in, but in reality past NBA 2K games have let you build a 6″6″ point guard, and it’s not like they were running around in every online match anyway.

Nonetheless it’s interesting to see just how much influence Lillard appears to have had on the game and on MyCAREER.

What are your thoughts on the increased PG max height? Sound off in the comments below!

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