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DVa Tips and Tricks 2020: Overwatch Tank Guide

D.Va has long been one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, having last a major kit rework shortly after the game’s launch back in 2017, and often finding herself firmly embedded in the game’s meta across all competitive tiers. She stands as a key Tank in DIVE-like metas, and has the capacity to carry, defend, and attack with aggression and precision.

She is a powerful yet highly vulnerable tank at the entry level: her eject mechanism — with which she leaves her mech up destruction, essentially granting her an extra life – is arguably the lifeblood of her existence. If you can master this component of her kit, you can last an entire match without ever having to respawn.

dva tips 2020

Let’s take a deeper look at her kit and abilities before diving into some tips and tricks.

D.Va Abilities

Fusion Cannons

  • Type: Rapid Fire Shotgun Hitscan
  • Infinite Ammo
  • 0.6 – 2 DPP
  • 11 Pellets per shot
  • Bodyshot Damage max: 22
  • 10-20m falloff range
  • 6.67 shots per second
  • 2.75 m/s movement speed


These cannons can cause high damage on impact, but are short-range and slow D.Va’s movement.

Defense Matrix

  • Type: Mobile Defnese
  • 8 second recharge
  • 10m range
  • 5.5 m/s movement speed
  • 2 seconds full usage unless turned off prior
  • 1.5-second cooldown


D.Va’s Defense Matrix can eat incoming projectiles while forward-facing towards enemy fir


  • Type: Movement boost with damage
  • Causes 10 damage on impact
  • 23.98 m range
  • 11.99 m/s movement speed
  • 2 seconds full usage unless turned off prior
  • 4-second cooldown


This ability launches D.Va’s mech into the area like a jet engine. She can move in all directions, and will cause minimal damage and push enemies back upon impact.

dva tips 2020

Micro Missiles

  • Type: Rapid fire splash projectile
  • 2-7 Damage Per Rock; Max 126 per use
  • 2-4 splash damage
  • 4 splash self-damage
  • 11 missiles per second
  • 40 m/s projectile speed
  • 1.5m radius
  • Less than 0.5-second cast time
  • Last less than 1.6 seconds
  • 8-second cooldown


This barrage of small rockets is usage when combined with Fusion Cannons and Boosters, dealing damage albeit with limited radius and splash damage.



Passive ability in which D.Va ejects from her Mech

Self-Destruct (Ultimate Ability)

  • Cast-time ultimate
  • A timed bomb that can cause 100-1000 damage
  • 20m radius
  • Last 3 seconds


When initiated, D.Va’s ultimate ability sees her eject from her mech, setting a timer for it to self-destruct. Once it’s destroyed, a second mech will return for D.Va to enter, provided no damage is caused during the animation.

dva tips 2020

Light Gun (out of Mech)

  • Type: Linear projectile
  • 20 rounds per clip
  • 1.5-second reload
  • 14 damage
  • 7 rounds per sec
  • 50 m/s projectile speed


Upon ejection from damage from mech, D.Va switches to an automatic blaster until her mech cooldown reaches 100%

dva tips 2020

Call Mech (Ejected Ultimate)


A fresh mech can be called upon build up of Light Gun Ultimate

D.Va Tips

  1. D.Va’s Fusion Cannons are short range, so rather than lose speed and meters gained whilst trying to shoot an enemy at a distance, try a “fly in, fly out” approach: get close using her Boost, initiate Fusion Cannons at close range, and then fly out
  2. You can combine Fusion Cannons with her Micro Missiles, although the latter can’t cause headshot damage. The best way to utilise these two together is to maximise damage with the Cannons, and then finish off with the Missiles as covering fire whilst you exit the battle.
  3. Her Boosters provide more than just speed: they can also be used to push enemies off checkpoints and payloads, not to mention off cliffs and buildings
  1. The Booster can be cancelled mid-boost, so if you want to quickly push an enemy back, initiate the boost and then quickly cancel it to stop shortly after the “boop”.
  2. The Boosters have a short cooldown time of only 4 seconds, so dive in, bombard with the Fusion Cannons, and then fly out/around once the Boosters are available again.
  3. Be super mindful of D.Va’s pacing when firing: Fusion Cannons slow her down rather considerably
  4. The Boosters and Defense Matrix can be utilised together and optimised when flying into a battle. If you ever need to use the Matrix during a battle, it’s good for Ultimate charge but it may reflect you’re losing that battle, so best to exit as soon as possible. If you use it when flying it and before an initial attack, by the time your initial attack is done, your Matrix cooldown will be ready for second use. However, use it mid-battle puts you in aa vulnerable position. The best approach is:
    1. Boost in with Matrix activate
    1. Attack
    1. Matrix
    1. Attack
    1. Boost out
  5. The likes of Pharah, Soldiers, Reaper, and even Bastion can have their primary and Ultimate abilities eaten by D.Va’s Matrix, and so she stands as a useful counter to any enemy team composition featuring those heroes.
  1. The Matrix is useless against energy-based weaponry, with the likes of Zarya, Symmetra and even Moira potentially causing havoc for D.Va. As such, utilise Boost and Missiles to maximise damage and push off key points, and avoid long-term battles with these heroes as much as possible.
  2. Her Missiles are ultimately more damaging than the primary Fusion Cannons ability, but the timing of each use is ultimately dependent on the hero. Reinhardt or Roadhog for example should be attacked aggressively, so move in on them with Missiles. DPS and Support heroes can mostly be hit with Fusion Cannons given the possibility for peak headshot damage.
  3. D.Va’s Ultimate is among the most powerful abilities in the game, but timing is absolutely key. It’s a hitscan rather than an AOE damage ability, contrary to popular opinion. That means that a shield will block the damage caused by the blast, rendering it useless. If playing against a Reinhardt, Zarya, Orisa, or Winston – as well as D.Va – ensure their shields are destroyed or down (or D.Va is out of her mech) to maximise damage. Winston and Orisa’s are better off not around, full stop, given the fast shield cooldown for them.
  4. When initiating the Ultimate, surprise the enemy to maximise damage and cause chaos. Flank behind them, then either boost forward, or up and forward for a drop-down attack, and then initiate the Ultimate just as it’s boosting towards the enemy. The drop-down method is especially useful and effective given it can cause enemies to scatter in multiple directions without knowing where the attack is coming from, often leading them directly into the field of damage.
  1. Upon ejection after damage, D.Va can actually be quite mobile and powerful with her blaster. She is of course more vulnerable, but the mech recall Ultimate can be built up quickly when prioritising fire on a heavy tank like Roadhog or Winston. The call time is fast, but leaves D.Va momentarily vulnerable. If a Mercy or Moira can pocket the out-of-mech D.Va, she stands to be near-invincible. Ultimately, the sign of a strong D.Va player is how many mechs they recall.

D.Va Tricks

  1. If you boost into a Pharah Ultimate, it will be a near-instant kill because the splash damage will take her out.
  2. The Defense Matrix works well and in combination with Missiles, meaning you can use both at the same time.
  3. You can cause enemy damage to enemies beneath you whilst boost.
Overwatch patch notes: PTR update buffs Baptiste, nerfs Dva ...
  1. If the mech has been damaged and D.Va is about to exit, you can initiate her Self-Destruct Ultimate (provided it’s ready) during the short period of time that the Korean police warning flashes on the screen.
  2. If you are forced to ejected in the midst of a heated battle, hold the jump button down just as D.Va ejects to get an extra boost and temporary vantage point over the enemy.
  3. If a recalled mech lands on an enemy player, it will cause significant damage.

Have any tips or tricks for DVa? Sound off in the comments below!

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