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Overwatch season 23 end date: When will season 24 start?

With the 23rd season of Overwatch now well underway — and this year’s Summer Games adding some much-needed content — the game is well into veteran territory after four years in the market and many, many months of competitive bouts.

What started in May 2016, went through multiple changes, introduced Role Queue and then hero blocks, has ultimately changed rather considerably since launch day, for better or worse (depending on who you speak to).

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Season 24 will be unlikely to bring through any significant changes, or at least nothing as significant as seen with Role Queue’s introduction a year ago, but the fresh new season always tends to bring with it a layer of excitement as the community bashes its way through placement matches on the way to their role SR.

We recently saw the return of a Competitive classic queue as well, which did away with Role Queue, so from a pure content perspective — alongside what’s available in Arcade and Custom — there’s plenty on offer outside of the core Competitive stash.

overwatch ptr patch notes

Nonetheless, as we move past the month-mark for Season 23, eyes are already firming on Season 24.

So when will Season 23 end, and Season 24?

overwatch patch notes

Season lengths of greatly varied, from as low as 49 days to as high as 90. On average it seem to be in that 65-80 day sweet spot for a season, although recent seasons in 2020 have sat closer to the two-month mark.

It’s now been confirmed that Season 23’s end date will be September 3 at 1pm EST (12pm CT, 10am PST). In Australia, that’s around September 4 at 3am.

Season 24 will begin immediately as that ends, meaning the start date is as the end date: September 3 (or September 4 if you’re in Australia).

Since Season 13, the corresponding season has always started on the day the previous one ended, so we can therefore expect Season 24 to start in that same window of September 1-5.

This is of course an estimate, but given the trends dating back a year it appears extremely likely that this is the window to expect a Season changeover.

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