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Halo Infinite gameplay reveal: Date and time for your region

Halo Infinite is without a doubt the Xbox Series X‘s most anticipated game. With a gameplay reveal set to lift the lid off the highly anticipated new entry, fans are clamouring to see Master Chief back in action.

The latest reveal — merely the game’s box art — is an obvious throwback to Halo: Combat Evolved, pointing to what may very well be a return to the basics and classic Halo gameplay.

halo infinite game reveal time

I know what you’re thinking: what hasn’t been “basic” and “classic” about more recent Halo releases? Well, while the core gameplay has certainly remained intact, the philosophy surrounding the franchise has shifted away from strong story-based campaigns and online PvP, to large-scale cooperative outings.

Love or hate the direction Halo has taken, you’d be hard pressed to find even your more modest Halo fan that doesn’t want to see a return to a classic Halo outing.

halo infinite gameplay reveal time

While the franchise is pushing two decades, there’s something about the earlier Halo games — particularly Halo 2 through Halo: ODST — that stand out amidst the more “modern” 343-era outings.

We’ll have some sort of inkling as to the nature and tone of Halo Infinite by tomorrow morning, with the Xbox team set to unveil gameplay for the first time.

halo infinite gameplay reveal time

So when should you set your timer for the reveal? Here’s your region’s time for the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal.

Halo Infinite gameplay reveal time by region

Los Angeles

  • July 23 at 9am

New York

  • July 23 at 12pm


  • July 23 at 5pm


  • July 23 at 6pm


  • July 23 at 8pm


  • July 24 at 12am


  • July 24 at 1am


  • July 24 at 2am

Halo Infinite launches Q4 2020, as a launch title for the Xbox Series X. It’s the sixth game in the main Halo series, and third entry in Master Chief’s “Reclaimer Saga”.

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