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Overwatch skin challenge amplifies Sigma’s melody

Blizzard has for many months now been trying extremely hard to keep the Overwatch masses happy. That’s no easy task with the game now pushing four years old and the content drying up as we move into Overwatch 2.

Alongside the annual events — including the upcoming Summer Games Event — we also get skin challenges, which filter through the hero roster and have players collecting unique skins with each win.

Overwatch Sigma abilities: What should we expect?

These skins are ultimately amongst the rarest in the game because they have a finite limit of availability, and can only be won once you hit 9 wins in Arcade, Competitive or Quick Play modes.

There’s some added weight this latest skin challenge, though, with Sigma’s this month’s hero of choice. And his skin challenge comes just ahead of the inevitable Summer Games event, and alongside the release of a new soundtrack of Overwatch games.

overwatch sigma abilities

This skin challenge will kick off today, and last for roughly two weeks based on the length of past skin challenges.

Additionally, Blizzard has released a music collection ripped straight from the game, covering all maps and modes so diehard fans should certainly recognise much of what’s on office.

The release of the album coincides perfectly with the release of the skin challenge of Sigma given the character’s music-backed lore. The music collection is free as well, so it’s a nice little thank you to Overwatch players that have stuck around over the years.

You can check out the album via the official website.

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