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Far Cry 6 reveal trailer: Location, setting and cast confirmed

The Ubisoft Forward event overnight brought with it a handful of big announcements, including the unveiling of Far Cry 6, the highly anticipated entry in the publisher’s long line of open-world action games, alongside a new trailer.

Far Cry 6‘s reveal may not have come as a surprise — it was unfortunately leaked a few days prior to the official unveiling — but nonetheless the announcement locks in many of the details discussed over the past days.

far cry 6 trailer

Importantly, we get a new cinematic trailer, which unearths Far Cry 6‘s environment, characters, and insight into the game’s story and narrative.

There’s also a locked in release date: Far Cry 6‘s will launch across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 on February 18 2020.

far cry 6 trailer

As is always the case with Far Cry, this latest entry brings with it a charismatic — and sure-to-be utterly psychotic — villain by the name of Anton Castillo, played by the very awesome Giancarlo Esposito. You would recognise him as one of the key characters and main antagonist in season 4 of Breaking Bad, Gus Fring

Castillo is a powerful dictator of a small island, the fictional “Yara”, which plays host to our shenanigans in Far Cry 6.

far cry 6 screenshot

With strong Just Cause vibes, Far Cry 6 will ultimately follow the rise of the revolution against Castillo, in distinctively Far Cry fashion.

Especially intriguing and exciting about the premise and in particular the casting of Esposito is that his acting range is completely in line with that of what we’ve come to expect from Far Cry villains: plenty of scope and range, with hidden mysteries and characteristics that ultimately grow and evolve throughout the story. We saw it when Esposito portrayed Fring, and we’ll undoubtedly see it when he takes on the role of Castillo.

far cry 6 screenshot

Things have gotten a bit interesting when it comes to Giancarlo’s son, and the leaks suggest there may be a connection to past Far Cry games: word on the street is that Diego, Giancarlo’s son, is actually Vaas, who you may remember as the primary bad guy from Far Cry 3 (doesn’t that game just feel like a life time ago?)

Irrespective of how the story plays out, Far Cry 6 is bound to be all sorts of crazy.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!

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