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Best Home Workout Games of 2020

Looking to stay fit and get active while at home? If your local gym isn’t an option for you, you can still get fit with the best home workouts thanks to a number of fantastic video games, available across the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Fitness games prove to be convenient and flexible options for a home workout, given you can plug and play directly into your home video game console, and then work up a sweat from the comfort of your own living room.

Check out the best home workout games of 2020 below. Have any suggestions? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

Zumba: Burn It Up

Available on: Nintendo Switch

The global movement has been around in video game form for a while now, but it comes to Nintendo Switch with perhaps the most diverse and entertaining exercise regime yet.

best home workout games

Using the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, which track your movement to monitor and reward your performance, Zumba: Burn It Up will undoubtedly feed your fitness cravings at home.

It features of 30 songs from the likes of Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and also has the ability to adjust the intensity of the workout to suit your needs and fitness level.

It features real-life instructors from across the globe, as well as engaging and exciting visuals to keep you motivated and energised across your workout.

You can also invite friends over, with Zumba: Burn It Up allowing for up to four players joining the energy! Across 30 classes, and featuring personal goals and achievements, Zumba: Burn It Up on Nintendo Switch is a surefire way to keep active during extended periods at home.

best home workout games

Just Dance 2020

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Perhaps the most well-known game on this list, Just Dance 2020 is yet another entry is what is perhaps the longest-lasting and best-selling dancing game on the market.

best home workout games

Just Dance 2020 isn’t just about getting your groove on: it also proves to be a wonderful way to get active and stay fit, especially when you’re locked in the house for an extended period, with no way to get to the gym.

It features 40 new tracks from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber, and also includes famed Disney movie songs and performances, including “Into The Unknown” from Frozen 2.

There’s also specially-designed adjustable wristbands to use with Just Dance 2, although they’re made for Nintendo Switch, which is arguable the system the game is optimised for.

Overall, with Just Dance 2020 not only are you getting arguably the best and most-played dancing game on the market, but the sheer value on offer is crazy given how much music is available, and how active it can keep you over an extended period of time.

best home workout games

Fitness Boxing

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Fitness Boxing for Nintendo Switch aims to get you off the couch and moving, which is an especially useful objective given our need for home workouts.

best home workout games

This boxing-based rhythmic offering gets you moving with a range of different exercises, with beats to some of the world’s most renowned articles.

Each workout within the game can be specialised and personalised to suit your own needs, abilities and fitness goals, meaning you can train to the level of expertise and intensity that fits your own workout regime.

As the game is available on Nintendo Switch, it has a level of portability that means you can get in a home workout in any room across your house, working across a number of boxing basics as you battle to unlock 20 songs from a range of eras and big names.

You can workout from 10 minutes up 40 minutes, meaning Fitness Boxing is available for a quick or long workout, depending on how you feel at any one moment.

best home workout games

It’s another game that works well with the adjustable wristbands, as your action and intensity are tracked by the Nintendo Switch via the controllers you hold in your hands.

A highly intensive and fun fitness game that’s bound to up the ante when it comes to your home workouts.

Ring Fit Adventures

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventures is yet another unique, highly innovative fitness game available on the Nintendo Switch.

best home workout games

Whilst it’s undoubtedly an adventure game first, Ring Fit Adventures doubles as a fantastic fitness game, as you explore a fantastical world to defeat a — get this — bodybuilding dragon.

You’ll battle across the game world and the dragon’s many minions by engaging, beating and smashing through a number of exercises, including jogging, boxing and shoulder presses.

The game comes with two accessories, which help track and get you engaged in the game world in fun and engaging ways. There’s also a bunch of mini games included, and a varied skill level meaning any type of player — experienced or otherwise — can enjoy what Ring Fit Adventure has to offer.

best home workout games

Do you have any recommended fitness video games? Sound off in the comments below!

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