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Battlefront 2 patch notes: Darth Vader ‘nerf’ is actually a buff

Darth Vader’s presence on the battlefield wasn’t supposed to be as demanding as it used to be, with the latest Battlefront 2 patch notes detailing a rather significant nerf coming his way. Only problem is that DICE didn’t quite roll it out as intended.

For ol’ mate Darth, Vader saw his damage ‘reduction’ going from 75% to 20%, which is rather significant, but the problem is that someone got the numbers wrong.

battlefront 2 patch notes

Instead of an actual reduction — and, thus, more damage absorbed — it actually turned out to be a buff, meaning that whenever Darth Vader was using his choking ability, he took less damage. The intention, however, was to make it that he took more damage, thus reducing the power of the damage reduction passive.

“It’s been raised and acted upon. Will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything,” said DICE’s global community lead.

battlefront 2 patch notes

Given the amount of awesome content DICE has put out over the past few months, we can give them the benefit of the doubt that this was a mistake and will be fixed sooner rather than late, but it’s a little comical that Darth Vader was actually buffed, when the intention was to nerf him.

The patch also brings with a number of key improvements and changes.

The update last week saw the addition of BB-8 and BB-9E, and while their addition to the Heroes squad rollout was relatively well received by the community, it wasn’t without a few hiccups, and DICE has stepped in with the latest patch to smooth things out.

battlefront 2 patch notes

The biggest fix probably comes in the way of BB-8’s stamina being refined: there was a bug where spamming both the main fire and secondary fire keys for BB-8 would drain the stamina quickly, without dealing the appropriate amount of damage. The patch notes detail this bug, and address it as part of a long list of fixes.

Reinforcement BP gain has received a nerf, with Battle Point gains for the Ovissian Gunner, Caphex Spy, Sith Trooper, and First Order Jet Trooper all reduced by 50%.

battlefront 2 patch notes

Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Fixed an issue where the boarding cinematic would be visible when completing the final objective on any of the Capital Ships on Jakku.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow the First Order Jet Trooper to dash more than 2 times.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming both the main fire and secondary fire keys for BB-8 would drain the stamina quickly, without dealing the appropriate amount of damage
battlefront 2 patch notes
  • Fixed an issue where BB-8’s Spinner Star Card would grant 20 seconds of cooldown reduction, instead of 10, on Epic rarity.
  • Fixed an issue where there would be no audio playing when inspecting the BB-8 and BB-9E Voice Lines in the Front End menu.
  • Fixed an issue where BB-8 and BB-9E would eventually play the wrong VO lines when they were disrupted.
  • Various collision, VFX and lighting improvements on the MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-class Star Destroyer.
  • Lowered the heat cost for the spool-up functionality on the Heavy Trooper’s Sentry abilities.
battlefront 2 patch notes
  • Fixed an issue where General Grievous’ Claw Rush could completely drain the stamina of an opponent.
  • Reduced the gain in Battle Points by 50% for the Ovissian Gunner, Caphex Spy, Sith Trooper and First Order Jet Trooper, to be consistent with the other Reinforcements.
  • Made improvements to resolve issues with hit registration, despite dodging Lightsaber and melee attacks
battlefront 2 patch notes
  • Fixed an issue that would block the VO from the emotes of the Republic Officer on Kamino or Geonosis.
  • Fixed a localization issue with the message “First Order Jet Trooper Available” being too long for the kill screen in Japanese.
  • Made improvements to resolve visual issues with textures popping-in, when transporting to the capital ships on Jakku, Takodana and Ajan Kloss.
battlefront 2 patch notes
  • Lowered the damage reduction on Darth Vader while using Choke from 75% to 20%.
  • Updated the mode description for Ewok Hunt.
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