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Call of Duty Mobile errors and bugs, and how to fix them

Call of Duty Mobile has been out in the wild for a little over two weeks now, having amassed a dedicated and large player base of more than 100 million since October 1.

With the developer continually working to improve the experience for players — including by adding controller support — there’s still quite a bit of focus on the simple functionality and player experience as offered by the game in its current form.

call of duty mobile error

Unfortunately, no game is perfect at release, and so some bugs and network errors have had some impact on the Call of Duty Mobile playing experience for some players. Here’s a few, and how best to address them.

Error Code 5027

This was an error code that plagued the game’s early release and in beta mode, but it may still be something you come across when attempting to connect to Call of Duty Mobile‘s servers.

Initially, players were receiving this error code whenever they were connected to VPN in an attempt to bypass the game’s geolock feature when it was available exclusively to players in India and Australia.

Now that this is less of an issue given it has a wide release, you’re probably less likely to get this error, even if you’re connecting to a VPN.

call of duty mobile error

Nonetheless, if you do come across error code 5027, there are some tricks you can do to get around it, although we’re probably not best position to detail it for you on this site *hint* it involves a special VPN app, and apk file.

Facebook Login issues

With Facebook currently the only available social media login option for Call of Duty Mobile, there has been reports of issues using the service to log into the game.

Fortunately the developer is aware of this: the simplest way to fix this is to clear the cache on your phone, and ensure you’re fully logged into the desired profile on the Facebook app (rather than via a browser). This tends to fix the issue given a lot of the connection and linking issues had to do with the Facebook app not being able to effectively communicate with Call of Duty Mobile.

call of duty mobile error

Call of Duty Mobile Garena

There appears to have been some confusion amongst the community when it comes to both different technical versions of the game, but also different geographical versions of the game.

The Garena version of Call of Duty Mobile is effectively the same game, except it’s been localised for release across South East Asia. The Call of Duty Mobile game we know and play across most of the Western world is technically the same game, but from a legal and publishing standpoint it’s different.

call of duty mobile error

What that means is that you can’t connect with or play with/against players in Garena when you’re in the Global version of the game, and vice versa.

“Your Friends List Is Empty” error

If you’re getting this error but you’re absolutely certain you’ve added friends, ensure that your friends have the exact same updated version of the game as you, and also that they’re actually playing the same region version of the game as you.

As mentioned above, Call of Duty Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile – Garena are published by Activision and Garena, respectively, and are available in different regions.

call of duty mobile error

Some troubleshooting if you’re still experiencing issues:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Select Apps and Websites
  • Navigate to Active Apps and Websites
  • Select COD Mobile and make sure the Friends List option is enabled
  • Navigate to Visibility of the App
  • Change the filter to Friends
  • Save the settings

Experiencing any issues or have any tips for Call of Duty Mobile? Sound off in the comments below!

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Tuesday 20th of October 2020

after i try to log in with call of duty option i get authorization error (6, -1)

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