Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities list for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities list for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch
The full move list of devastating fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo switch, covering every character. Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities list for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Move List – PS4

XBOX ONE | PS4 | Nintendo Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Legend

  • B = Back
  • D = Down
  • F = Forward


baraka fatalities

Food for Thought (Close): Back (B), Down (D), Back (B), Triangle

Rock Paper Baraka (Close): B, Forward (F), B, Y, X


Cassie Cage

cassie cage fatalities

I <3 U (Mid-range): D, D, F, Circle (Mid-range)

#GirlPower (Mid-range): B, D, D, B, Triangle



cetrion fatalities

Maintaining Balance (Mid): B, D, F, D, Circle

Good and Evil (Mid): B, D, B, X



dvorah fatalities

New Species (Close): B, F, B, X

Can’t Die (Mid): B, D, D, Circle


Erron Black

erron black fatalities

Melted (Mid): D, D, D, X, Square

Death Trap (Mid): D, F, D, Y, Triangle



frost fatalities

Ice Sculpture (Close): F, B, D, Square

The Cyber Initiative (Mid): B, F, D, F, Circle



geras fatalities

Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): B, D, D, X

Peeling Back (Close): D, F, B, Square



jade fatalities

Bow Before Me (Anywhere): D, D, F, D, Circle

Pole Dance (Close): B, F, D, F, X


Jacqui Briggs

jacqui briggs fatalities

Spider Mines (Mid): F, B, F, X

Nothin’ But Neck (Mid): B, F, B, Circle


Jax Briggs

jax fatalities

Coming In Hot (Close): F, B, D, D, X

Still Got It (Close): F, D, F, Square


Johnny Cage

johnny cage fatalities

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): F, B, D, D, Circle

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): F, D, F, Square



kabal fatalities

Road Rash (Mid): B, F, D, F, X

Hooked (Close): D, D, D, Circle



kano fatalities

Last Dance (Close): F, D, D, Square

Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): B, D, F, Triangle



kitana fatalities

Gore-Nado (Mid): D, D, D, Triangle

Royal Execution (Mid): D, B, F, Square



kollector fatalities

For The Kollection (Close): D, D, D, Circle

Head Lantern (Close): D, F, F, B, Square


Kotal Kahn

kotal kahn fatalities

Totem Sacrifice (Close): B, F, B, F, Square

Kat Food (Close): B, D, B, X


Kung Lao

kung lao fatalities

Headed Nowhere (Close): D, F, B, D, Triangle

Meat Slicer (Close): D, F, D, X


Liu Kang

liu kang fatalities

Burn Out (Close): D, B, D, F, Square

Belly of the Beast (Mid): B, D, B, F, Traingle


Noob Saibot

noob fatalities

Double Trouble (Mid): B, F, B, F, Circle

Split Decision (Close): D, D, D, Square



raiden fatalities

Alternating Current (Mid): B, D, B, Square

Direct Current (Close): D, F, B, X



scorpian fatalities

You’re Next (Far): B, D, D, Square

Chain Reaction (Mid): D, F, B, Triangle


Shao Kahn

shao khan fatalities

Back Blown Out (Close): B, F, D, D, Triangle

Kahn-Sequences (Close): B, F, B, Square



scarlett fatalities

Bloody Mess (Mid): F, B, D, X

Heart Kondition (Mid): D, D, F, Circle


Sonya Blade

sonya blade fatalities

To The Choppa (Mid): D, F, B, Traingle

Supply Drop (Close): B, F, D, X


Sub Zero

sub zero fatalities

Ice-Cutioner (Mid): B, F, B, Traingle

Frozen In Time (Mid): F, D, F, O


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