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Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities list for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Move List – PS4

XBOX ONE | PS4 | Nintendo Switch

Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Legend

  • B = Back
  • D = Down
  • F = Forward


baraka fatalities

Food for Thought (Close): Back (B), Down (D), Back (B), Triangle

Rock Paper Baraka (Close): B, Forward (F), B, Y, X


Cassie Cage

cassie cage fatalities

I <3 U (Mid-range): D, D, F, Circle (Mid-range)

#GirlPower (Mid-range): B, D, D, B, Triangle



cetrion fatalities

Maintaining Balance (Mid): B, D, F, D, Circle

Good and Evil (Mid): B, D, B, X



dvorah fatalities

New Species (Close): B, F, B, X

Can’t Die (Mid): B, D, D, Circle


Erron Black

erron black fatalities

Melted (Mid): D, D, D, X, Square

Death Trap (Mid): D, F, D, Y, Triangle



frost fatalities

Ice Sculpture (Close): F, B, D, Square

The Cyber Initiative (Mid): B, F, D, F, Circle



geras fatalities

Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): B, D, D, X

Peeling Back (Close): D, F, B, Square



jade fatalities

Bow Before Me (Anywhere): D, D, F, D, Circle

Pole Dance (Close): B, F, D, F, X


Jacqui Briggs

jacqui briggs fatalities

Spider Mines (Mid): F, B, F, X

Nothin’ But Neck (Mid): B, F, B, Circle


Jax Briggs

jax fatalities

Coming In Hot (Close): F, B, D, D, X

Still Got It (Close): F, D, F, Square


Johnny Cage

johnny cage fatalities

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): F, B, D, D, Circle

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): F, D, F, Square



kabal fatalities

Road Rash (Mid): B, F, D, F, X

Hooked (Close): D, D, D, Circle



kano fatalities

Last Dance (Close): F, D, D, Square

Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): B, D, F, Triangle



kitana fatalities

Gore-Nado (Mid): D, D, D, Triangle

Royal Execution (Mid): D, B, F, Square



kollector fatalities

For The Kollection (Close): D, D, D, Circle

Head Lantern (Close): D, F, F, B, Square


Kotal Kahn

kotal kahn fatalities

Totem Sacrifice (Close): B, F, B, F, Square

Kat Food (Close): B, D, B, X


Kung Lao

kung lao fatalities

Headed Nowhere (Close): D, F, B, D, Triangle

Meat Slicer (Close): D, F, D, X


Liu Kang

liu kang fatalities

Burn Out (Close): D, B, D, F, Square

Belly of the Beast (Mid): B, D, B, F, Traingle


Noob Saibot

noob fatalities

Double Trouble (Mid): B, F, B, F, Circle

Split Decision (Close): D, D, D, Square



raiden fatalities

Alternating Current (Mid): B, D, B, Square

Direct Current (Close): D, F, B, X



scorpian fatalities

You’re Next (Far): B, D, D, Square

Chain Reaction (Mid): D, F, B, Triangle


Shao Kahn

shao khan fatalities

Back Blown Out (Close): B, F, D, D, Triangle

Kahn-Sequences (Close): B, F, B, Square



scarlett fatalities

Bloody Mess (Mid): F, B, D, X

Heart Kondition (Mid): D, D, F, Circle


Sonya Blade

sonya blade fatalities

To The Choppa (Mid): D, F, B, Traingle

Supply Drop (Close): B, F, D, X


Sub Zero

sub zero fatalities

Ice-Cutioner (Mid): B, F, B, Traingle

Frozen In Time (Mid): F, D, F, O


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