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Borderlands 3 has ‘one billion guns’, and everything else we know so far

It’s been a long time coming but Borderlands 3 is finally real, has finally been revealed, and we finally have some gameplay to drool over. Now that it’s out in the wild, what do we know about the game so far, and what can we expect?

Unfortunately, Gearbox didn’t reveal much about Borderlands 3 and its PAX East 2019 unveiling, although the trailer did give off the feeling that, well, Borderlands 3 is going to be about what we expect it to be: extremely Borderlands-ey, with lots of guns, lots of mayhem, a tonne of characters, and plenty to explore.

borderlands 3 reveal

*insert Dr Evil pinky stare here*


Can we take Gearbox’s promise of Borderlands 3 having one billion guns seriously? I mean, it’s in the trailer, so why not? It’s not like Gearbox has a bad track record when it comes to trailers …

Okay that’s a petty Aliens: Colonial Marines jab, but to be fair, Gearbox and 2K has always been upfront and honest about the state of Borderlands, and one billion guns seems pretty feasible in the world of Borderlands, especially considering the technological enhancements in the gaming world since the release of Borderlands 2.

borderlands 3 reveal

That game had 17 million guns to choose from, and here’s hoping the same sort of looting and shooting systems are in place with Borderlands 3 (I wasn’t a massive fan of The Pre-Sequel, so personally, I’d rather just pretend it never happened, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves).

Borderlands 3’s Release Date

Now this is what you call a tease.

In a day and age where game reveals and “IT’S OUT NOW!” announcements are all the rave, Gearbox has opted for a teaser, then a trailer, and a “come back next week for more information” setup, which just leaves us wanting more, but is effective in generating chatter and conjecture.

borderlands 3 gameplay

Gearbox says more information is set for April 3, but one has to wonder why the release date wouldn’t have been announced during its PAX East unveiling. Sure, revealing so little will keep people coming back for more, but anyone interested enough in Borderlands 3‘s release date is going to be interested enough to return when you unveil more details and footage, whether you’ve announced its release date already or not.


We don’t know when Borderlands 3 will be released, but I’d hazard a guess and say sometime between now and November … 2020 … But don’t hold me to that.

The latest theory has Borderlands 3‘s release date being October 1, 2019. Recent leaks on Twitter also point to a September 13 release, and Epic Games Store exclusivity.

borderlands 3 release date

Borderlands 3 characters and story

I’m not one to often cite 4Chan, or any message board to be honest, but the leaks over there ahead of the gameplay reveal do fall in line with what’s been shown in the trailer.

Firstly, the four planets listed in the leaks appear to be in line with what was shown in the trailer. So there’s some element of authority to what the leaks suggest.

The leaks also told us that the Calypso Twins will take on the role as Borderlands 3‘s primary antagonist. You may remember them from that Mask of Mayhem teaser trailer a few days ago. These nasty twins are founders of a devilish cult called the Children of the Vault, and, well, I’m sure you can see where this is going now.

borderlands 3 release date

Given the importance and sheer popularity of Pandora, we can probably bet that it will be, at the very least, the starting point for your Borderlands 3 adventures.

On the character front, much like everything else, we don’t have much to go on. The teasers thus far have pointed to Mordecai, Maya and Lilith, while the 4Chan leaks stated we can expect four vault hunters at launch.

The most interesting was a Siren with an array of devastating melee attacks, and an android named Flak, who controls an AI that can be called in for support. There’s also word of a Gunner, who, naturally, can call in their own mech bear. Because why not?

borderlands 3 release date

As for Handsome Jack, Gearbox head, Randy Pitchford, basically said his inclusion was a joke — “we’re jerks” — and that he’s still dead to rights.

That’s all we know so far about Borderlands 3, but more information will surely drop on April 3. We’ll update this accordingly with information as it’s available.

Borderlands 3 on Nintendo Switch?

Gearbox has been teasing and fans clamouring for information regarding Borderlandsany Borderlands — coming to Nintendo Switch. The prospect of a Borderlands game on-the-go is just too good to pass up.

Unfortunately, Gearbox has as early as 2017 said Borderlands 3 is unlikely to come to the Nintendo Switch. 2K has also confirmed that only the Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be getting Borderlands 3.

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.


Saturday 30th of March 2019

I just hope the game is funny as well. I don't hate the pre sequel at all but Borderlands 2 left gigantic shoes to fill and I don't think pre did that.

Other than that, I just want Borderlands 2 on crack. More areas, more legendaries, more enemies, more vehicles, more customization and at least from the breakdowns of this trailer, that seems to be what we are getting.

Also just come out and say whether this is an EPIC exclusive or not cause in the terrible reveal show, you never once said anything about it Randy. Nobody came to PAX to see your magic trick! Nobody cares! Everyone was there for Borderlands 3.

Gaetano Prestia

Sunday 31st of March 2019

The biggest issue with The Pre-Sequel for me was that a lot of the humour felt forced. It felt like it *wanted* to be funny, rather than just naturally being like that.

I think a lot of people also forget how refined and good Borderlands 2 was compared to the first game. There's a lot of nostalgic for the first game but it doesn't hold weight next to Borderlands 2. Borderlands 3 could literally just be 2.5 and I think most people would be happy.

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