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Stardew Valley Android bugs, and how to fix them

Stardew Valley, the acclaimed farming simulator from developer, Concerned Ape, has finally been released on Android devices, and can now be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

As with many game releases on Android platforms, it can take a few additional updates and tweaks to a game before stability issues are ironed out: this is the nature of the Android OS, given there is such a wide variety of devices and compatibility checks required.

stardew valley android

If you’ve jumped into Stardew Valley on Android — and you should, because it’s fantastic — you may find yourself facing some known issues as listed below.


Before reporting or attempting to fix any issues you’re experiencing with Stardew Valley on Android or iOS, ensure your game is completely up to date (as of March 18):

  • Current Version (iOS): 1.20
  • Current Version (Android): 1.04
stardew valley android

Stardew Valley Android keeps crashing

There were some known issues with the launch of iOS update 1.18, where players were experiencing the game crashing on startup.

The game crashing on Android isn’t a known wide issue, but if you are experiencing this consistently, the fix would be the same as on iOS.

  • Firstly, ensure the game is completely up to date: on iOS this would be version 1.20, and on Android it’s 1.04.
  • Secondly, ensure no background apps are running that may be pushing your phone to the limit. This is probably more a concern for Android devices, but may try running the game with no other apps running in the background.
  • Try switching between a WiFi and mobile network.
  • If you’re still experiencing crashes, save your crash file, which we’ll break down below how to do:
    • Connect the device to your PC.
    • Browse to internal shared storage > Stardew Valley. (The folder won’t appear if you haven’t created a save yet.)
    • Each subfolder inside is a save slot.
  • Pass your crash file onto the developer directly.

Game keeps crashing at end of Day 6

This was a known issue, and should have been fixed in update 1.03 on March 15.

Audio issues

The known issue here is where the audio is bugging/crashing out at random intervals, sometimes never to return.

Completely closing the game (a full close, not just minimised) should see the audio return on startup.

stardew valley android

This was another issue that should have been fixed in update 1.03 on March 15.

We’ll continue to update this and link in official updates via the developer as they’re made available.

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