Devil May Cry 5: How To Change Costumes Devil May Cry 5: How To Change Costumes
Each costume available in Devil May Cry, and the key thing you'll need to do to unlock them all. Devil May Cry 5: How To Change Costumes

One standard component of the DMC experience that has stayed true over the years is that of each character’s costumes. 

Devil May Cry 5‘s release marks a new era for a franchise that has arguably lost a bit of its early-series pizazz. The series probably peaked with Devil May Cry 3 after the lacklustre Devil May cry 2, while the first game stands apart as a trailblazer for the hack-and-slash genre. 

devil may cry 5 costumes

Dating back to the first game’s release in 2001, Dante and others in the DMC universe have always known a thing or two about fashion, and how to dress the part. Italian fashion label Diesel even got involved, designing character costumes for Devil May Cry 2.

While we may not see that level of involvement in Devil May Cry 5, the game certainly hasn’t held back on the costume front.

devil may cry 5 bloody palace

How To Unlock And Change Costumes In Devil May Cry 5

Changing costumes won’t be the issue for you: before each stage, where possible you’ll be able to pick the character you want to use. From there, you can choose the costume.

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The issue will be in actually attaining these costumes. There’s six different character costumes available:

Super Dante costumer


Super Nero costume

Super V costume


Super Virgil costume

devil may cry 5 vergil costume

How may one actually unlock these costumes, you may ask? Well, it’s simple: perfect your play style, and beat the game on Dante Must Die mode. Simples (or not…).

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