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It took Apex Legends 4 weeks to do what took Fortnite 4 months

It may not quite have reached the heights of the battle royale genre’s heavyweight, but Apex Legends is fast on the way to becoming one of the biggest games of the past few years.

Given it was released only a month ago, its mighty impressive that Apex Legends‘ player count has now ticked over into the 50 million mark. It took four weeks to hit the milestone, as per Roundhill Investments.

Comparatively, it took the biggest game of arguably the decade in Fortnite and its Battle Royale, 16 weeks to even hit 45 million players.

While Apex Legends appears to have skyrocketed in the player number stakes, it did come at a convenient time for the genre. 

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Fortnite was already established, PUBG had kickstarted interest in the genre, and Blackout was quickly taking over as Call of Duty‘s number one mode.

Apex Legends was being released into an established market. It also had an established and respected developer in Respawn behind it, the same studio behind the Titanfall series, so gamers knew that a solid multiplayer offering (at least) was definitely on the cards.

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Being free also helped, and offering an alternative in the now saturated market allowed an older demographic to get involved in the battle royale juggernaut.

Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, also made a good pointFortnite hit 50 million players, before rising 200 million after the launch of the mobile version.

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It’s unlikely that Apex Legends will see a mobile alternative, and so while the game may not have necessarily peaked, it’s probably close to it given anyone that wants to play it, probably already is, or has in the past.

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