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Black Ops 4 Team Deathmatch removed as standalone playlist

A common mode across the multiplayer shooter genre, Team Deathmatch has for decades proven to be one of the more popular, if “casual” ways to test your skills in the online arena.

While it may have lost some of its pizazz over the past decade or so, not the least in Call of Duty games since the introduction of Kill Confirmed, it’s still an easy pick-up-and-play mode that doesn’t dictate all that much skill or focus, and as such has acted as somewhat of a testing ground for classes and weapons before players jump into more “serious” and complex game modes.

That’s not to say it no longer has value in the multiplayer arena, but it would be hard to ignore the scene’s shift away from more traditional game modes.

Those with a taste for Team Deathmatch in Black Ops 4 might soon be especially nostalgic of the game mode, with the latest update for the game on PC removing the mode completely as a standalone playlist.

With developer, Treyarch, understandably shifting focus onto Black Ops 4‘s battle royale mode, Blackout, the rest of the game has been somewhat neglected, as any diehard Call of Duty fan without much interest in the new mode would undoubtedly attest to.

However, the removal of Team Deathmatch does seem strange given its familiarity and place among the multiplayer elite.

Team Deathmatch alone has been completely removed — it’s still to be found in the Deathmatch Moshpit playlist alongside Kill Confirmed — but given just how different those two modes are — and let’s not understate that — it goes without saying that the removal of “TDM” as its own individual mode may be met with negative reactions from the CoD community.

What really allows team Deathmatch to stand out from the crowd is its ability to offer an objective-free, straight-up “kill or be killed” mode. Now that it’s bundled with an objective based on, Treyarch is actively forcing its PC community to essentially ditch the mode all together.

Just take a look at how the community feels about it to get an insight.

“As in there’s only deathmatch moshpit? There is no actual team deathmatch option ? Why do I feel like this is wrong,” one player said.

Another player identified the issue with bundling TDM with Kill Confirmed.

“I was playing earlier and some guy wasn’t playing objective so I called him out.

“He said he didn’t care about picking up tags and that he got 40 kills so who cares, need to bring back TDM as it’s own dedicated gamemode so fuckers like this can go back to their own environment.”

Vale Team Deathmatch (on PC).

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