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Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations Guide

Power Armor plays an important role in your survival in the world of Fallout 76. In this guide we’ll show you the location of each Power Armor suit in Fallout 76.

Finding the suit won’t be enough: you’ll also need to have some Fusion Cores on hand to fuel those bad boys up.

Once you’ve got that on hand and you’re looking for some armor to spruce up your abilities, here’s where you can find them.

The Forest | Toxic Valley | The Ash Heap |

Savage DivideThe Mire |



How To Find: There’s two Power Armor stations inside the warehouse, facing a good ol’ Nuka-Cola machine.


Location: Arnoldholt Homestead (NORTHWEST FOREST AND POINT PLEASANT)

How To Find: Head inside the shed amongst the three silos to find the Power Armor station.


Location: Black Mountain Ordnance Works (NORTHWEST FOREST AND POINT PLEASANT)

How To Find: Northwest of the works site in this area, you’ll need a key to gain access to a locked domed room.



How To Find: This Raider armor can be found in the garage below the ravaged bridge.



How To Find: This Raider armor is locked inside a green trailer in the junkyard.


Location: Morgantown Trainyard (MORGANTOWN AND EASTERN FOREST)

How To Find: Head into the green carriage of the “USA Star”, and outside on the east side you’ll find a main warehouse housing the armor.


Location: Mama Dolce’s Food Processing (MORGANTOWN AND EASTERN FOREST)

How To Find:  There’s a Power Armor station in the warehouse. It’s south-west of the food processing warehouse, and is heavily boobytrapped.



How To Find:  There’s a metal storage shed inside the Power Armor station, if you get lost just look for the parking lot out the Dam building.



How To Find:  Behind the Security Gate is a Power Armor station, look out for the load dock, with the armor on the upper floor of the interior deck area.


Location: Silva Homestead (SOUTHWEST FOREST)

How To Find:  Head inside the silo barn that has hay and tractors scattered about.You’ll also find two Weapons workbenches here.


Location: New River Gorge Bridge – West (SOUTHWEST FOREST)

How To Find:  This Raider armor is in a locked storage area at the start of the area just under the bridge.


Location: Lewis & Sons Farming Supply (SOUTHWEST FOREST)

How To Find:  Head to the left of the stairs to where the tractor barn warehouse is.


Location: Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant (SOUTHWEST FOREST)

How To Find:  Found inside the plant, in the sunken Loading Dock chamber.


Location: Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 (SOUTHWEST FOREST)

How To Find:  In the basement workroom inside the locked Security Gate closet, right across from Tinker’s Workbench and Power Armor Station.


Location: Hornwright Industrial Headquarters (CHARLESTON)

How To Find:  In the alcove at the bottom of the basement stairs, next to the Docking Station Vending Machines.


Location: Wade Airport (CHARLESTON)

How To Find:  This Raider armor can be found inside the locked blue trailer, but be careful because it’s boobytrapped.


Location: Wade Airport (CHARLESTON)

How To Find:  Before the end of the runway in the corner of the last curve-roofed hangar, near the damaged fuselage.

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