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Fallout 76 guide: How to get wood

Wood acts as an important component of the experiencing in Fallout 76, given its strength and usefulness as a building resource and tool.

As such, searching for, finding and utilising this junk is something you’ll probably find yourself doing quite often, and so hopefully this guide can make searching for the resource that little bit esier.

Wood is classified as “common” junk, and is mostly used for basic construction. If you want to build a comfortable camp and home, then wood is going to be something you’ll need to find.

Initially, you can easily find wood by harvesting logs or log piles, but many things within the world house wood as building blocks, and so breaking down these items can lead to wood riches.

You can also use the useful “Tag for Search” function. Utilising this will have your Pip-Boy alert you whenever a targeted item as wood in it.

Here are some of the more common items that contain wood:

  • Accordion: x1 Wood
  • Acoustic Guitar: x2 Wood
  • Autopsy Board Game: x2 Wood
  • Ball-Peen Hammer: x1 Wood
  • Battered Clipboard: x1 Wood
  • Blacksmith Hammer: x1 Wood
  • Blast Radius Board Game: x2 Wood
  • Bowling Pin: x2 Wood
  • Box of San Francisco Sunlights: x2 Wood
  • Broom: x1 Wood
  • Catch the Commie Board Game: x2 Wood
  • Catch the Commie Board Game: x2 Wood
  • Cutting Board: x3 Wood
  • Fancy Framed Lighthouse: x2 Wood
  • Framed Lighthouse Photo: x2 Wood
  • Hoe: x3 Wood
  • Makeshift Battery: x2 Wood


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