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Modern Warfare 3 is finally backwards compatible on Xbox One

We first had to put up with the overpriced Modern Warfare Remastered, the much-overdue addition of COD4 to backwards compatible, and eerie silence on the presence of Modern Warfare 2, but Call of Duty fans can finally get their hands on arguably the last game from the franchise’s golden era.

Modern Warfare 3, which turned 6 years old back in November, has been added to the Xbox One’s growing list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox games, joining recently hyped additions Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

modern warfare 3 backwards compatible

While the addition is certainly welcomed, it’s strange that we can’t play the Modern Warfare franchise is order through 2007’s Modern Warfare, into its 2009 sequel, and then full circle with Modern Warfare 3.

The series’ campaign is arguably the best in the COD series — or at least in battle with Treyarch’s Black Ops for the mantle — and so it would make sense to at least be able to play them in order, even if the multiplayer component takes clear priority.

modern warfare 3 backwards compatible

If you already have a copy of Modern Warfare 3, you can pop it straight in and get going, or head to the Ready to Download section of the My Games & Apps area to download it.

It’s also part of a large list of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on sale as part of this month’s Deals with Gold. Grab it at 50% off until June 25.

modern warfare 3 backwards compatible


At around $24 AUD, it’s still quite pricey for a 6-year-old game, but considering the replay value and quality of the package — including affordability of the DLC — it’s well worth the cost.

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