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GTA San Andreas Xbox One backwards compatibility issues, and how to fix them

The much-hyped and long-awaited arrival of GTA: San Andreas’ on Xbox One backwards compatibility is here, but not without its fair share of issues.

Many Xbox gamers have flooded social media with complaints of download errors, prompts to re-purchase the game (despite having already paid for it), or errors stating the game simply isn’t playable on Xbox One at all.

So far the most common list of Xbox One errors when attempting to boot up GTA San Andreas are:

  1. Installing either the OG or Xbox 360 disc, and then getting the “do you own this game?” error.
  2. Putting in either the OG or Xbox 360 disc, and getting an error saying the game isn’t available on BC.
  3. Attempting to launch a digital copy of the Xbox 360 version, but being prompted to repurchase.

There’s a simple work around for this: change your console’s location settings to Germany.

I have the OG Xbox version, and kept trying to boot it up and getting a “this game is not playable” error. When I attempted to install via the store page for the game, it was prompting me to pay.

san andreas xbox one

Once I set my location settings to Germany and did a hard reset of the console, the Xbox 360 version appeared on my dashboard and I could install the “update” (or full game), which clocks in at around 2.7GB.

When the game has finished downloading, return back to your home country location and it should boot up.

So if you’re having any issues, give the location swap a go. However it’s worth mentioning that this may bring with it a modified version of the game in line with the actual German release, so if you’re keen on the full uncut version, to be sure it may be worth holding off until these errors are ironed out. I for one don’t care enough, and have jumped straight in.

san andreas xbox one

Also worth mentioning is that, yes, the original Xbox disc of San Andreas works, but it doesn’t give you access to the PS2 port that was the Xbox version of the game. The OG disc actually prompts a download of the Xbox 360, which is a port of the mobile version.


Sunday 30th of January 2022

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