Fallout 76 trailer finally drops post-apocalyptic bombshell Fallout 76 trailer finally drops post-apocalyptic bombshell
Fallout 76 is on the way, having us return to Bethesda's post-apocalayptic, open-world wonderland. Fallout 76 trailer finally drops post-apocalyptic bombshell

Its Twitch stream did enough to keep us glued and fixated to our screens, and we were rightfully rewarded with exactly what we’d all thought was on the agenda.

Fallout 76 is on the way, having us return to Bethesda’s post-apocalayptic, open-world wonderland.

fallout 76 trailer

With its “Please Stand By” teaser trailer setting the tone early, the eventual teaser trailer set the internet alight ahead of June’s E3 gaming extravaganza in Los Angeles.

Unlike its Fallout 4 announcement back at E3 2015, Bethesda couldn’t keep a lid on it ahead of the event, but at least now people are prepared and ready, and know exactly what to expect ahead of the show in a few week’s time.

fallout 76 trailer

So what did the trailer tell us? Not much. We see the stock-standard home of one of the franchise’s iconic vaults, with celebrations of “Reclamation Day” ringing throughout the clip.

The number “76” is obviously rather prominent here given its inclusion in the name but also the obvious ode to ’70s-era aesthetic and cultural hints. I doubt it has anything to do with Overwatch‘s Soldier 76, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating (spoiling: why on Earth would they at all be related?)

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fallout 76 trailer

We don’t have any further details, but there are plenty of murmurs, and E3 is bound to host more information when Bethesda hosts its annual pre-show event on June 10.



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