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The Division now runs in Native 4K on Xbox One X

Tom Clancy’s The Division has finally received the update scores of its most committed players have long been waiting for.

Publisher, Ubisoft, has released a 4K update for the game on Xbox One X, a long awaited improvement for those looking to make the most of the higher resolution offered on the console.

While 4K support has been available on the PS4 Pro version for a while, native 4K resolution on Xbox One X is a welcomed addition to a game that has a loyal and passionate community.

Coming in at 4.22GB, the update offers:

  • 4K rendering
  • Higher anisotropy
  • Improved reflections
  • Improved object detail
  • Improved screen-space shadows

So how does it different to the PS4 Pro equivalent? Well, that version used checkerboard rendering to reach the 4K resolution benchmark, so we can probably expect a crisper and smoother rendering on Xbox One X with the latest update.

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