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Fortnite Hidden Gnome Location Guide: Week 7 Challenge

Epic shut down the servers for Fortnite overnight, with some planned maintenance ahead of the Season 3 Week 7 challenges that are now live.

If you’re new to Fortnite — and you may be seeing as the recent mobile release saw an influx of new players — then Challenges will stand as a nice rewarding element of the broader Fortnite experience.

With every new week, a new set of challenges unlock, with each new challenge week stacking together until the end of the season. As an example, each of the prior six weeks leading into Week 7 of Season 3 are still available to play.

Importantly, only four of the seven available challenges can be completed each week, so make sure you pick the right ones that reward more suitably for your own individual play style.

This week’s Gnome challenge has you scattering around a large portion of the map, and while they can be a little tough to find, it shouldn’t take too long to find each one the seven required to complete the challenge.

You’ll know that you’re close to one when you hear them laugh as you approach nearby, so keep your eyes peeled and ears perked.

Here are eight confirmed locations, more than enough to help you complete the Challenge.

  • Tomato Town: In the main tomato restaurant, in the back office
  • Retail Row: On the eastern side of the map, head to the shack under the water tower.
  • Salty Springs: In the middle broken building, head to the basement to find the Gnome under the stairs.
  • Flush Factory: In the main factory building, head to the painted toilet room.
  • Lucky Landing: Head to the north-eastern building, in the bathroom.
  • Greasy Grove: Head to the Durrr Burger restaurant, in the left bathroom.
  • Snobby Shores: In the southern-most house, in the bathroom of the bunker. You’ll need to break a wardrobe to enter the building.
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