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Far Cry 5 Boathouse Key Location: How to complete Prepper Stash Sunken Funds

If you really want to boost your inventory in Far Cry 5, then you’ll certainly need to tackle and search for Hope Country’s Prepper Stashes. These stashes can take quite a bit of exploration, puzzle solving and platforming, but the outcome is often a handsome reward.

The rewards may consist of cash, perk points, vehicles, weapons, and more, and so if you have the opportunity and time to tackle one, you certainly shouldn’t pass it up.

One of the game’s introductory missions — or at least, one of the first unlocked on the map — is the Prepper Stash location found on Dutch’s Region of Dutch’s Island. As it stands, it’s also, funnily enough, one of the most hidden of the lot (although it’s extremely easy to complete).

You’ll find that there’s only one stash in this opening area, inside the Hut near Silver Lake Boathouse, down the bunker steps.

The only problem is that the bunker will be flooded when you first arrive, and so you’ll need to kickstrart the electricity to get the water pump going.

In order to do this, you need to get into the adjacent boathouse, which is locked. So where’s the key?

If you’ve spent time trying to find your way into the boathouse, don’t fret: I did it as well and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to actually get inside. Interestingly enough, you don’t need the key to get into the boathouse. Actually, you don’t need the key at all.

Step 1

Zipline down from the hut and hatch, down to the boathouse

Step 2

Jump into the water, around to the back of the boathouse, and swim through the entrance at the back.

Step 3

Jump onto the platform, grab the boathouse key, flick the power switch, and exit through the door.

Step 4

Head back to the bunker, turn the valve, and watch the water drain

Step 5

Head down into the bunker to collect your loot

And that’s it: you now have your first handsome loot of the game, and a compound bow to boot!

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