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Far Cry 5 fishing guide: Where to find a rod and how to fish

Fishing is a surprisingly important component of the Far Cry 5 experience. Not only is it a nice breakaway from the chaos of Hope County, but it also acts as a fantastic money earner should you be strapped for catch. It’s also useful for taming the likes of Cheeseburger the bear, as detailed in this guide.

In this guide we’ll cover all of the basics to help you with fishing in Far Cry 5: where to find a rod, how to actually fish, and why it’s important to fish.

Where to find a fishing rod

There’s two ways to get your hands on a fishing pole:

  1. Head over to the Vasquez Residence in Faith’s County, head inside and to the back of the house to find a rod on the wall.
  2. Talk to Skylar at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop, right at the foot border of the Whitetail Mountains. You’ll need to help her with the Tools of the Trade mission, after which she’ll give you a fishing rod and teach you fishing basics.

Tips to reel them in

  • Use the Utility Wheel (L1/LB) to select a rod. Cast your reel, and then every now and then, reek the line in a little to help grab the attention of fish.
  • Once you hook a fish, reel it in slowly. The best way to tire a fish is to alternate between reeling it in, leaning the rod in the opposite direction of where the fish is swimming, or then letting loose to give the fish some slack.
  • If the line turns red, this means it’s about to snap and you should give it some slack.
  • Once it’s close enough, reel it in to shore.


Fishing is actually a fantastic way to earn Perk Points, and as such, the specific Fisher King perk is especially useful to help further your progression early on.

This perk costs 4 Perk Posts, so is fairly pricey early on. It allows you to fish more effectively: fish tire more quickly, and unlocks new flies for the fishing rod to catch heavier fish.

This is the ideal perk if you’re looking to catch some real beauties, and then sell them off for a big payday.

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